Week 17 Predictions

Edmonton vs Toronto
Eskimos are in race for 1st overall, last week Toronto caught Calgary napping. Can't see it happening again. Edmonton by 10.

Saskatchewan vs Calgary
Riders have two chances left to beat a Western opponent, Calgary is in a bit of disaray but wants a home playoff spot, lose this one kiss that home game goodbye. Regina always plays well in Calgary. Bit of a crap shoot, Calgary by 1.

Montreal vs Winnipeg
How much has Winnipeg got in the tank. Montreal smells first place. Injuries kill Bombers. Montreal by 14.

B.C. vs Hamilton
Hamilton plays better out of the division. Buono teams always peak in October. Every week needs an upset will it happen here. November crash happens early, Hamilton by 7.

Big Dave has a weekly prediction Challenge going on; that's where mine are.
Next week Esks/Lions will be a big game (story) in the West.

Abolutely, here's hoping that the Buono's tradition of peaking too early continues.