Week 16 - Toronto v. Hamilton

Early pick leads to 3 pts.

Nice defensive stand!

3 - 3

What a strange play call by the Ticats on 1st and goal. If putting in the regular offense is meant to spread out the defense then why have the receivers line up so tightly.

Nice return leads to 7 for Hamilton.

Totally forgot about this game. I caught the last 23 seconds of the first half. lol Man, that was an ugly kick by Prefontaine. :lol: :lol:

you seem to do that alot lately. are you getting senile already :wink: :lol:

No, but I do keep getting distracted by the same thing... :lol:

at this point, lemon is struggling and bell, in a couple of series, throws a pick. You didn’t and are not moving the ball with any effectiveness with either guy. Why not give the 3rd QB some time, which I think would be Ken Dorsey? Could it get any worse at this point? And given Dorsey’s age wouldn’t you want to see if he can do anything in a game situation to see if its worth bringing him back to camp next year?

Decent crowd in Toronto. It's too bad the argos suck. Boyd is injured, he's their offense...go figure.
I just can't get over how awful Toronto's offense is. The receivers are allergic to the pigskin cause they can't catch and their quarterback can't get it done.

Words I never thought I'd say without laughing hysterically...

Toronto should seriously consider bringing Michael Bishop back.

Wow, this game is fugly.

unless one is a ticat fan :wink:

Well, d&p we finally have something on which we disagree! I really really enjoyed tonight's match. I really appreciate good defence. . . I prefer a defensive struggle over offensive fireworks (I know that puts me in a tiny minority). . . but I really enjoyed the 2 defences tonight, they were firing on all cylinders. . . major kudos to Greg Marshall and Chip Garber. . . but in the second half, the Argos' D wilted, as was bound to happen to one of them.

Nooo! Cripes, man, does no one remember how this guy repeatedly crashed and burned? Seriously, let's all just forget that Michael Bishop ever played in this league...

Lemon is not improving, not sure how long Barker wants to keep trying...

Nevermind. I've been laughing about it ever since I posted that.

I think that partly, I just want to see him back to get some of those classic crash and burn moments. Like last year, when he KO'd himself by running into the back of his own blockers in Calgary. LOVED IT! He was the sole reason that the Riders won the last two Banjo Bowls (prior to this year's loss). What other player can say that?

(waiting for someone to say, "in which case, YOU are fugly."... )

The defensive efforts were good. But Toronto's offense was just godawful. I mean, seriously, they just gave the ball away time after time and little of it was due to any serious pressure from Hamilton. Lemon is a moron who carries the football with as much security as Casey Printers.

I applaud Barker for bringing in fresh QBs, and I also applaud him for sticking with his guy rather than panicking and signing Bishop or Joseph... but Lemon doesn't seem to be getting better, unfortunately... I was looking at his stats, and he's averaging two picks a game in his last six games. That's not gonna get it down. I'm not really sure what Barker should do... he definitely shouldn't panic and sign Bishop or Joseph.

Just got back from the dome.
It was the most horrid game of the year.
As for your question, I am also at a loss and really anything should be on the table as we need to bring in a first string QB from somewhere.
The status quo with Lemon or the current remaining QB bare cupboard will not do.