Week 16 - Toronto v. Hamilton

With west teams crossing over the last couple of years and Montreal's dominance in the east for the last decade or so, I would dare say that this weekend's Argo-Ticat game is the biggest East Division regular season game in a few years! Inside track to a home playoff game is on the line......

T.O. fans on these boards, convince your fence-sitting friends (or even NFL only-types) that this is the game to be at!
Hamiltonians, make the drive to the Big Smoke!

Toronto is having a nice bounce back year and deserve a big crowd to play infront of. I think it has game of the week potential!

go Cats!

I'd like to see them finish above .500! have a home playoff game again!

I'm still undecided on this game. On the one hand, the Cats are my second favourite team, but on the other hand, I'd like to see Toronto succeed.

which one is most likely to beat montreal in playoffs?? If I could be sure, thats who I would cheer for.

I think I will take the 5th on this one and just sit back and cheer on both offenses and kick return teams. :cowboy:

Honestly, I think Toronto. At least Toronto has beaten them. It seems like Montreal has won like dozen straight against the Cats. :lol:

This should be a really good game. And you're right, people go out and support your team at Skydome.
Only Toronto team that will make the playoffs this year (think about it)!

Honestly, I kind of think Toronto wins this week simply because they have yet to beat the Ti-Cats. It's hard to sweep the season series in the CFL. Having said that, I think Hamilton has the better chance of beating Montreal in the playoffs.

I'll be there, and I'm bringing six other people with me.

It's true, the Als have handed Hamilton its hat for a while now, but the last win was in October of 2008. Yes, that's almost two seasons, but considering BC just beat Calgary for the first time since Hufnagel took over, the streak doesn't look that long.

That said, it's still way too long. :lol:

I hope they tie

I was just thinking, an equally big game will be Montreal @ Toronto in Week 18. Then Toronto @ Montreal in the finale.

Go Ti-Cats!

For the first time EVER, i’m making the trip to Toronto to watch the Cats battle the Argo’s.Reserving my tickets with the Cats claws club tomorrow.Can anyone fill me in on the atmosphere there?Most i’ve been to there is a Blue Jays game.

Depends on what you're expecting and what you mean by atmosphere. It's not as crazy as IWS on Labour Day or anything like that. And not to put down Argo fans, but I find it to be rather subdued.

It can be ridiculously subdued at times in there, but when the game is good, the crowd is 25-plus and especially if it's Ham vs. Tor and both teams are pretty good, it can be a very loud building. Let's hope it's a great game with the biggest crowd of the season and lots of Ticat supporters to add to the noise level.


Last seasons Week 19 game between Winnipeg and Hamilton was huge. If Winnipeg had won there is a strong chance Mike Kelly , Murphy and maybe Lyle "Write us a cheque" Bauer would still be with the Bombers.

I wish I lived in the area as I would be attending the game but instead I'll have to settle for watching on TSN. Hopefully there will be a good crowd in attendance, 30000 would be great but perhaps 25000 - 27000 might be more realistic. I look for this to be a really entertaining game but I think Toronto will pull off the win, at least that's what I'm hoping for.

Go Argos

Also living far away from Toronto (although closer than you), I echo your sentiments completely. Well, except that whole Toronto winning thing. Hamilton should take this one, just like they did the last two. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Ticats!

I'll be at the game. The atmosphere is awesome when there's a good crowd. I remember there were 40,000 for the 2007 East final. It was tough to hear the person next to you!

I've never been to the Dome, hoping to make a trip next year to catch an Argos game. I did go to the Moncton game, the crowd was 20,725 and the atmosphere was good. I only wish the Argos would have played better, but nonetheless we really had a great time. Already planning on going back to Moncton next year and it looks like the Cats will be the home team. I'd expect there will be more seating next year.

40 minutes till game time, getting pumped. C'mon Argos take down those Cats for the first time this season. Boyd has to have a great game but I think the passing game has to contribute more than it has as well. Hey Cats you better be ready for anything because you just never know what this Argos team will try to pull off this season!

Cold beer and Friday Night Football,

It doesn't get any better than this!

Go Argos!!!