Week 16 Projections: Where fantasy gets tricky

It’s Week 16, the regular-season finale, which means “silly season” has arrived in full.

Of the nine teams in action this week, only Hamilton and Montreal have something to play for in the standings, so that likely leaves the other seven teams in some semblance of “exhibition mode,” in which banged-up starters will get the day off. That doesn’t mean the rest of the teams have nothing to play for, though, as players for Ottawa, BC and Edmonton are likely playing for their roster spots in 2022.

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I can only imagine what the top ten fantasy players are going through this week, after months of careful deliberation, the season ends with silly selections. Now with little certainty about who is playing, where there is little information about anything; and the complexity of a champion chess match these top contenders go intrepidly to form a champion fantasy team.

Must seem to be like Russian Roullete: palms and brow sweating, heart racing, gut-wrenching, and head pounding. This is CFL FANTASY for the top ten. Kudos to those that dare to be the BEST.