Week 16 - No Ref Complaints?

I can't believe it. Haven't read any reffing complaints yet. Is this a first? There's gotta be something to complain about or is everyone just "bitched" out?

Maybe people are realizing that so-called "botched" calls are (unfortunately) just a part of the game. There were a couple I saw that I didn't agree with, but I'm not the type to flame the refs in the first place.

Hey what about those ref's getting in the way oops!

there was some bad calls/ missed calls at the argo game yesterday, but i can’t complain since the argos played with 0 intensity.

There were some bad calls in the Sask game, well basically the line judge screwed up a few times,, karikari stepped out after his pic, and watkins stepped out and then came back out to catch that 62 yarder, (he may have been pushed out haven't seen a replay) But what else is new. Those didn't lose the game for us, although it would have been nice to have them called right

I thought he was out after the INT but the replay the official was looking right down at his feet so he probably was in. As for Watkins he was pushed out then ran back in. The refs in the argo game were mostly all right but I still don't agree with the 30 yard no yards explanation. the hit was bad but not that bad. Also I wish they would call holding evenly. our O line gets a holding call for looking at the pass rush funny but Our dline has to get pulled down, stomped on, rolled over before the refs thinking" maybe that might not be right oh well the rb just went past there I won't call it"

This thread should be in the rider forum.
They are the ONLY ones that complain about the refs.
That is one of their excuses.
I have never blamed the refs!!They do their best.

Please show me where it is that I complained about the reffing, saskargo…I seem to have missed that part…

I too would like to know when I've posted anything about the refs....Maybe we were out at the bar jm02 and someone else was using our ids

Sorry jm02,
I don't usually read your posts.

Normally I would but I blamed Dr.Rise instead, and our black jerseys.

.....greenfan, that sounds almost believable.....did we at least have a good time?? :smiley:

We must have if we gave up our passwords so quickly for someone else to use our ids!!

Sorry ladies.
I should have said rider fans that are men.Wait a minute.There are no rider fans that are real men.Just little boys.

Okay, saskargo.....now THAT made me laugh..... :lol:

ROFL!!! I like you more and more everyday...

I wasn't trying to be funny!!!

It takes a real man not to abandon his home when his 3 brothers and all his old high school friends have all left to various parts of Alberta. I am from Sask and damn proud of it.

Whats your point unrealrider?
I'm proud to be from Saskatchewan to.

I am not any less of a man for living here in Sask am I?