Week 15/16 TV: 2 Game Averages 682,000

The numbers are out for the combo long Tgiving Monday and all of last weeks games.
I have averaged per the above and this number is even higher when considering the additional nearly 250k for the Als RDS numbers.
Monday: Sask - Edm A whopping 1,005M
Tor - Mon Decent 637,000

Friday: Cal - Tor Good 693,000
Saturday: Win- Edm Good Evening 558,000
By comparison HNIC 2,121M
MLB Tex - Det Poor 409,000
Sunday: BC - Sask Excellent 759,000
Ham - Mon Decent 440,000
By comparison Night NFL Min - Chic 378,000
MLB StL - Mil Good 528,000
CFL 6 Game Average: 682,000

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I went through all the ratings for last week and I think the CFL did very well. Great draw for the Thanksgiving Monday for sure. The CFL is still usually ahead of the NFL and MLB. It's still early to compare with the NHL, but CFL seems to do well comparatively speaking to the NHL on TSN (different nights make it difficult to make any conclusions though). One thing's for sure though, I think the CFL should steer away from the Saturday as much as possible during October. It's always going to be tough going against the fortress that is HNIC.

From everything I have seen..... The numbers are down 30 % from last year....
Then you see 5000 people in TO and Montreal failing to sell out... Not to mention small crowds in Edmonton and Calgary.... Lastly the swaths of empty seats in Monton......
This year has been a step backwards for the CFL...
On the positive side.... Winnipeg and BC seem to have imprvoved their attendance

We need new blood in the league, expansion and quickly not only Ottawa but Moncton and both should come in 2014.

There is no way numbers are down 30 percent, more like 15 percent, probably due to having the southern Ontario teams at the bottom of the standings aggggain. Could also have to do with the matrix used by the Neilson censors, I know they changed in the US last year so they may have changed in Canada as well, those often change, very much could have to do how they are measured. But as I've often said on here a business that does not grow will evenualy shrink. The Moncton game, the price matrix was all wrong. seats between the fourties were cheaper than Montreal's but end zone seats were way over priced. The league is learning, I'm sure they will make adjustments.

X2 :cry:

As low as these numbers are compared to last year, they're still about double what they were in the years before 2008. I just read an article on the CFL website from 2008 where Cohon says that games were getting 363,000 viewers per game in the period from 2005 to 2007, and he's saying that like it's a good thing. It's disappointing to see the numbers go down, but we're still a long way ahead of where we were before when bad numbers are almost twice as good as "good" numbers from a only few years back.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/our-league-to-kick-off-2008-season]http://www.cfl.ca/article/our-league-to ... 008-season[/url]

The measuring system changed last year PiCat, you can't directly compare 2008 numbers to 2010 numbers as the new system sent sports numbers up across the board (it much more accurately measures group viewing now).

2010 and 2011 are using the same system though so this year things aren't great. I think there's just been a lot of bad games and that's depressing the numbers.

Did the new system double the numbers for other sports over that period too?

shrug It's always raining in CFL land, I guess.

Pretty close, yes. Hell, even Big Brother episodes went up 50%, and CFL ratings doubled overnight. HNIC has been drawing two million this year vs 1.2 million before the meters.

Sports ratings were under-reported before, and the change brought more accurate numbers. The change in how it’s measured was drastic enough that you can’t compare the numbers from before and the numbers from after and get any kind of meaning from the comparison.

The doesn't say that numbers doubled for all sports. It says it doubled for one CFL game and increased by 50% for Big Brother. As for everything else, it just says vague things like "increased substantially."

If the meters are so new, though, do we even have a big enough sample to say that this year's ratings are bad? We only have PPM data from one complete season, 2010, and part of the 2009 season. How do we know that last year's numbers weren't unusually high and this year isn't a better reflection of the true average?

Well you can look around elsewhere for other sports numbers, but they all shot up (I did mention HNIC which didn’t quite double but came pretty close). The losers were stuff like the weather network which people have on while getting ready in the morning and thus aren’t actually watching for very long.

At any rate… we don’t know. We know that 2010 was higher then 2011. We don’t know which one is the new normal or what it really means. But the numbers are weaker this year and nobody likes to see that (whatever the reason is).

Some games have still drawn big, we had one recently do over a million. So hopefully once the playoffs get here people things pick up again.

The measuring system changed last year PiCat, you can't directly compare 2008 numbers to 2010 numbers as the new system sent sports numbers up across the board (it much more accurately measures group viewing now).
Can someone explain to me how the ratings system can accurately measure group viewing?

The old system couldn't, because it was tied to a box on the TV (or a paper log book that people had to keep updated with what they watched). So if you watch something and it records it, it counts as 1. If 15 of your friends come over and watch it... it counts as 1. More importantly with the measurement boxes if you go to your friends house (or a bar) and watch it there, it counts as 0. That zero tended to lower the sports numbers because it happens more often with sports then with other shows (you're not going to get 20 people together to watch Food Network very often).

The new system has a group of people wearing a pager style device. It can pick up on audio codes in the broadcast that humans can't hear, and thus knows what you're watching. Now if you go to your friends house, you still get counted because the pager picks up that you're in a room with the game on.

This stuff is all still done with sampling so it's never a perfect measurement, but this one does a much better job.

For realsies? It does all that? They should measure my buddies place. We are always over there about 10 of us minimum each game, more when there's playoffs. lol

It's all done using sampling, so they pick some people to wear them and then extrapolate the total numbers that way. Ah, the fun of statistics. :slight_smile:

It is true though, the new measuring system doubled all TV viewing.
I recall the old system had the CFL during the last year at around 435K and then virtually doubled to last years over 800K.