Week 14 vs Montreal!!

It wasn’t so much they made mistakes it was more they didn’t execute to the fullest. Bagg dropping that perfect pass that he easily scores on, Allen trying to run not once but twice before securing the catch. Dressler even dropped a very catchable ball.

These are the plays that could have changed a team being 1-11 to perhaps at least 500. It isn’t usually just one play but a combination of plays that you don’t execute to the fullest that cost you a game. Riders got a bit lucky in that these didn’t come back and haunt them but it easily could have. Against a team like the Stamps you probably don’t get away with it. So yes still some issues to clean up.

The defense was very solid except for when they went into snooze mode. God I want to kick whoever decided to play that way right in the fur sack. It just undoes all the hard work you did all game.

You have dominated an offense all game and then you let them gain momentum? Hell no, you get them down and you get them second guessing, then you get them starting to doubt, that is when you go for the kill shot instead of letting them get back up.

Yes it’s cold,it’s harsh, but it’s what good team do. You never, ever, allow the other team to gain momentum that they didn’t earn.

Nice to see a win...but it was not pretty or anything. Montreal played plain bad...that helped a lot. Both sides receivers played like hot crap in the first half...Roosevelt aside. Harris was burnt yet again in a crossing route...badly...but the WR tipped it and Macho looked like an all-star after that. They dropped him back more after that and he played very well...he is a horrid tackler though and can't cover a crossing route...so any time they move him into a traditional LB spot it ends poorly.

I thought Glenn was going to crumble for a while the way he was hitting guys and getting nothing back...he was money in the first half even though the stats say otherwise.

For me...biggest thing...best the OL has looked all season.

Knox played a lot better as well today...was not impressed with him last week.

Last week the Riders forced 2 consecutive turnovers in the 4th and came away with 1 point...so I guess they are going in the right direction at least...some squandered opportunities that really could have bitten back for sure.

Seeing them attack hard early...that was nice. Stretch the D, then pound the ball. This is way more along the line of what we saw from JV early in the season...