Week 14 vs Montreal!!

I like our chances, with Glenn back for second week, he should be stronger, but this is a must win, or we are out!!

I would like to be as optimistic as you are but our offensive play calling against teams that are good against the run and bring lots of pressure has been to say the least pathetic. Watching the Argos easily handle the Red Blacks last night confirms that our OC just can't make adjustments as the game goes on. He has a plan and no matter what sticks with it. I thought Cortez was bad for doing this but Chappy is no better. As I said in the Ottawa game post we are facing a very good defense against the run and I bet the run scheme will be the same as it has been all year. Messam up the gut for little or no gain 3 or four times then they will all but abandon it, I will even go further and say the odds of the first play on offense it will be a run up the gut with a 95% probability of that happening with either a lost or 2 yard gain at max. I will even bet that Messam does not touch the ball more then a dozen times all game, where he should have that number at the end of the first half.

Can the Riders win? Yes, but I wouldn't put any money on it that is for sure. I expect once again a close game but a stupid penalty or a blown cover will once again see us on the short end of the stick by less then 6 points.

Yes like I said I would like to be optimistic but frankly with the way this season has gone I'm not. That went out the window last week against Ottawa.

Well I was wrong on the first play being a run. Good call but at least 2 more td should be on the board Bagg dropped a gift. Those could come back and bite them hard again.

And another blown opportunity. That's 3 td's off the board.

Messam needs to quit tripping over the LoS...getting clumsy

Yeah I thought he pulled a hammy the way he stumbled and went down. I have seen him do this a couple of times where he doesn't seem to lift his feet and almost like he stubs his toe and trips himself up. That too took potential points off the board as they would have been in field goal range at least.

I guess that is the big reason they are 1-11 and not the other way around.

And there is another reason. 3 defenders, one receiver and he tries to thread it in there. No way Glenn should have even considered that pass. Yet more points off the board.

I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

How do the officials miss the horse collar on Messam? The backfield official had an unobstructed look at it :x

Why is Glenn throwing into triple coverage..they're onto your deep ball game now :frowning:


MACHO CAMACHO HARRIS !!! Pick and score. NICE.

Probably has job security for the rest of the season...for better or worse

God#### TSN !!! Get your figgen cameras working!!!!

OMG talking about shooting yourself in the foot.

FU**EN A. Got a break there I think but will take it and a td to boot. That is the second time Allen has taken his eye off the ball before securing it.

Prevent defense.... HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. Your dominating on defense and then you give them a free pass to the end zone. Just plain stupid.

Totally agree...score flatters Mtl. Need to keep the killer instinct so when the score isn't lop-sided you can grind out a win. That's why we've lost so many games by 4 points or so.

Well nice to get the win but the missed opportunities is still very much an issue. Against some of the better teams that is often the differences between the win or the loss.

I will say that it was one of the better team efforts all season so something positive there to build on.

Yeah I don't care that the score was pretty lopsided. IF that was Hamilton they would have still bring the heat on the qb. To me its like saying all right we will slack off now after playing hard for most of the game. That is not a message I like the players to get. Pad your D stats, make a sack or another pick but don't just go into cruise mode.

If I was Dyce I would be having a little chat with Quick about that issue.

I mean what's the worst that could happen...score a TD? Oh wait they just did that anyway :?

Well the good points, for the most part this was the D's best game to date, did not like the passive end of game play. Special teams played good, Macho had on hell of a game, And Messam is a beast! Glenn started strong, to bad to many receivers had the Getz's hands today, which lead to Glenn second guessing himself. Ref's should of called the horse collar on Messam! that was a big miss and mistake on the ref's, shame on them....LOL.. We can hope this carries on next week, still lots of stupid mistakes... but hey they won!! :rockin: