Week 14 Unofficial Power Rankings

BC just signed another kicker & their season is done.

Cats have no excuse.

The fact that a few other CFL teams have struggled and BC is bringing in their 4th kicker of the season is a sign that the kicking talent is not out there this year.

Bertolet might not become the next Paredes but he is much better than any of the kickers the Lions auditioned. There might simply not be any upgrades available at the moment.

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They did miss out on ex-cat Castillo who went to WPG
That being said, I'm ready to support Bertolet!


It's not like we really have a choice at this point so late in the season . The only other option we have is the Canadian kid Domagala who in limited action this season has made 4 of 6 fg BUT has missed 2 pats . One that possibly cost us the game the last time we played at BMO .
Okay , at least a chance of going to OT if....

Ironically his other missed pat also came against Toronto but it really didn't matter in the outcome on Labour Day .

Grover, you are a true athletic supporter! :grin:


They had to trade for his rights with BC - they had to give up a late-round draft pick for him before he signed the contract. Still, they addressed a position of need, something that seems to be beyond the purview of the co-GMs for the past two years...

I think he was a jock in his high school days too!

Kicked out of school in grade 6 for not shaving everyday!



Hair today, gone tomorrow.

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Simple solution to this problem… offense scores touchdowns and two point converts every drive for the rest of the season. :yum:

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Yes, where has that boldness gone...in 2019 it appeared we went for the 2 pt convert even early in games ...and often....and if we missed it ....there was that feeling we will make up for it.

Honestly think they are trying to give Bertolet as much practice at hitting converts as possible. We were trying a lot of 2 pointers earlier this year as well.