Week 14 Unofficial Power Rankings

2. Saskatchewan

Score flattered EDM. Sask controlled them and took care of business. They're the second best team in the West and should host the WSF.

3. Hamilton

3 in a row and a showdown for 1st with Toronto. Everything else about this team has been covered on the site. But it's put up or shut up time.

4. Toronto

They are not playing anywhere near the level of their record. Their coach continues to make mind boggling decisions. Their opponents have missed 8 FGs in their last 3 games, of which the last two really should have been losses, and they lead the east. If they play the way they did against Ottawa, Hamilton will handle them.

5. Montreal

Hung in with Winnipeg and had a legit chance to beat them. I don't think Toronto or Hamilton really wants any part of them right now. Trevor Harris may be the stability they need at QB. Up next the rematch with Winnipeg. I actually think they're better than Toronto but can't give them too much credit for losing.

6. Calgary

I wouldn't sleep on them. They're right in the pack. They still seem to have Sasks number so nothing is a given. While Sask will likely be the favourite in the WSF I can't imagine Rider fans will be thrilled.

7. BC

Come away from Ontario with 2 losses. Should have beat Toronto but were not the better team against Hamilton. They're eliminated from crossover contention and will likely be another long offseason for Michael Reilly.

8. Ottawa

Duck Hodges didn't look good. Still could have beat Toronto.

9. Edmonton

As stated above the score flattered them. Got a onside kick off but were never really a threat to Sask.


Typo in SSK. They don't play in the East... :upside_down_face:

No truer 7 words were ever spoken! :ok_hand:

I can put it into six words better - poop or get off the pot.

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Do I hear 5?

It autocorrected twice. I think I type ESF too much. Haha

bottom 3 teams should be tied at 9th

And at the same time, TOR was 10 for 10 in FG attempts in their last two games, accounting for 30 of the 54 points they scored in those games.

its almost as if a quality kicker is important on an average team.

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Well, it is certainly something worth pondering, isn't it.

Kind of late in the season to be bringing this up.

To be fair Winnipeg addressed their kicking issue last week.....

Win for Mike and Ang .

okay anybody for four words ?

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It's easy when you don't also own a soccer team.


We absolutely need our kicking to be stellar, if we're going anywhere. Also noticed we win easier when our kick returner (Frankie Wlliams) gives us good field position.

One might think that would be a good place to find untapped placekicking talent


Too easy. "EAT 'EM RAW!"

Going for 2 words anyone?

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Even easier .


Okay who is up for the one worder ?




One word,


( as in “ Naa Naa Naa Naa Hey Hey Hey”