Week 14 TV: Average 687,000

Last week numbers were huge and especially on Friday as both were awesome games and even the late game with the dome curiosity.

Friday: Mon - Win 815,000 When factoring RDS average upwards 200,000+ = 1M viewers
Edm - BC 856,000 By comparison the MLB playoffs draws 325,000 TB - Texas
521,000 NY - Det

Saturday: Sask - Cal 649,000
Ham - Tor 428,000 Lowest by far and bad game, but factor in the hockey pucks CBC Tor -Det @ 971,000

Huge Friday night ratings.
Good rating all around. Thanks for posting.

I'll be very interested to see what the NHL draws for the first month of the season on both TSN and CBC. It will be nice to compare those ratings with the CFL to get an accurate picture as to longer term trends (ie last year vs this year)

Okay, this may be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway. People always talk about RDS and its benefit for the Als. Do they only broadcast Als games or do other games get an increase too (albeit a much smaller one if the Als aren't involved)?

So with #'s down 30% or so this year, what kind of effect will this have on a tv deal? Would the negotiations have started yet?

Exclusively they broadcast the Als, however I noticed they also did the Moncton game a few weeks back.

I am not so sure about 30%, maybe around the 20%-25% as the average was just over 800K, however it should not have too much of an affect as all sports are feeling the numbers crunch.
Plus by far and away the CFL remains the second favourite TV property behind the NHL, and number one in the summer months.
The league should be inline for a huge winfall with the next contract as it is expected to double for sure possibly triple the current $16M per year.

16 million per season is peanuts in the pro sports world.
CFL numbers are high enough to rival or surpass most other sports on TSN/CBC/RDC etc etc
It is astonishing that there isn't a major bidding war for future CFL broadcast rights due to the highly impressive ratings the CFL has enjoyed the past few years. Rogers should be pouncing on this, yet...

Is the current contract up this November or next?

NHL gets 200 million from TSN and CBC.
I would love to see both networks share the CFL.
25 million from each, and they share the Grey Cup.

And as an aside.
Why is the CFL going up against opening night on HNIC?
To me the only scheduling conflict the CFL should worry about is Saturday night against HNIC.

Because while NFL, baseball and the nBA are weak competion, you have to give the nod to Saturday night hockey over the CFL.
Too bad they couldn't play Sunday night?
Then again TSN has the NFL.
Which is why having CBC in play would allow the CFL to schedule more games when they want to.