Week 14 Power Rankings

Space for every to have an opinion this week. But here is mine.

1- BC (11-1) - Played a good game until the kickoff return turned momentum in favour of the Esks in the 4th. They have a very good team and are still good for 1st in the rankings

2- Edmonton (8-5) - Have finally put a full game together. The Esks are good enough to win more often than not. Have started to find a ground game.

3- Saskatchewan (7-6) - Well played game and starting to figure how to win again. 4 in a row now and counting. It is nice to have a backup RB who would start anywhere else in the league.

4- Toronto (7-5) - Good effort in Regina, but the Riders are hard to beat at home. Leading the east but watch out of Montreal.

5- Calgary (7-6) - When you can rely on your defense enough to win with a 3rd string QB that has to be good enough to stay in the top 5.

6 - Montreal (6-6) - Took care of Winnipeg with out much trouble. Have rediscoved their swagger and are looking to chase down the Argos for 1st in the east.

7- Ottawa (5-8) - The free fall continues. Need to find a way to stop the bleeding. Can't much else in that regard

8- Winnipeg (4-10) - Started good in Montreal but finished not so great. Could be a spoiler team if you aren't ready to play against them

9- Hamilton (2-10) - Playing for pride and for jobs. Not much else to say in that regard.

Post yours and argue why they are that way and see you next week.

you are gonna catch some flack this week with that #3 placement of Sask. But I agree that it would be hard to put TO ahaead of them after that game.

I think they are pretty good rankings. I would put Montreal ahaed of Calgary though.

  1. BC- Still at the top, pretty much a meaningless last few games.
  2. EDM- BIG win over BC
  3. SK- Beat TO, this team looks good now that Nealon is done. Great defense
  4. TOR- Still a solid team. What more can I say
    5-6 MTL CAL- either way because both of them won and looked solid, CAL could be in some trouble w/o burris and facing a real team
  5. WPG- The only reason they are here is b/c Ott and Ham are worse
  6. OTT- Fal...l..........i...............n.........................................g
  7. HAM- They are just pathetic

I don't think so.............EDMONTON........has lost to the ARGOS.....and SASK. and the ARGOS are tied .........in the season series [total points for the 2 games , do not count]


No Argument here...looks good to me

1............ B.C............1 loss .........no contest..........! STILL, the CFL'S , team to beat. :shock: :smiley:

  1. EDMONTON ............has a better record than the ARGOS , and they beat B.C. , but they still have to beat ,TORONTO. TORONTO , leads season series , 1 to 0. EDMONTON plays.... HAMILTON , next , and can't afford to take them lightly. :shock: :smiley:

  2. ARGOS.........they have a better season record than....SASK...and the season series is tied..........I think that some people are placing WAY to much power on the win or lose , of just 1 game. In both... SASK...and... EDMONTON. :wink:
    If DAMON didn't have such a lousy night the ARGOS could have won......BUT SASK....have a much better defence now.BUT , IFS , do not count. :wink:

  3. SASK.............is on a role and are healthy, now .....they beat the ARGOS...But are still one game behind them , and the season series is tied. BUT , they have a healthy team , now and are looking good...they will lose the next game and the ARGOS, will win. :smiley:

  4. MONTREAL....until latley have had a tougher sched....and played many games with out KEY players.......they are back. CALGARY, is a must win game for them. If there is any chance of them finishing first in the EAST. :smiley:

  5. This is close to , MONTREAL...but I believe that they are playing over their head.........IF they beat , MONTREAL at home, this week.....my rankings will change , accordingly. :wink:

  6. OTTAWA.......they play a mad ARGOS at home......the losing will continue. :smiley: :shock:

  7. WINNIPEG........a bad football team........... :cry:

  8. HAMILTON.......a really bad footbal team.........BUT.....they play EDMONTON , tough always.........so EDMONTON , better not take them lightly.....next week , in their house. :smiley:

Thankfully these "power" ratings dont mean sheet.

Heres mine.

Calgary Edmonton Montreal Toronto (teams are too close to call just yet)
Sask(still think Crandell hurts you from moving up one notch)
Ottawa (have a feeling ownerships killing this crew)
Winnipeg Hamilton (flip a coin, both need changes)

BC's in first but trust me anyone in Tier2 group can
upset them in one playoff game. The difference isnt
as big as the record would indicate.

I agree. Heads up though.....the Als are back. :shock: :shock: :shock:


You werent impressed with Wimprine???

I think what he means is you beat Hamilton & Ottawa. an how the young QB's would fair against better defenses, which is question i was wondering myself.

which posses another Question, Why is Wimprine behind Gesser on the depth chart??
To me he seems to be a much better QB

Beating Ottawa is something that Sask hasn't been able to pull off this year, so how in heck are they two spots up on us?

  1. BC (duh)
  2. Toronto (they didn't deserve to lose that game, they're still the better team)
  3. Edmonton (Seems like maybe they're back to form.. maybe)
  4. Calgary/Sask (Frankly, with the season series at 1-0 in favor of the Stamps, and Calgary having beaten the stronger teams to be where they are, I don't see how Sask can be placed ahead... on the other hand, Cal is playing without the man who beat Sask on that blessed night, so I won't say for sure they're the better team either.. guess we'll find out down the stretch)
  5. Montreal (looking better, got their confidence back after the BC game.. still have a ways to go though..)
  6. Ottawa (falling yes.. down for the count? I don't know about that.)
  7. Winnipeg (Even Daley doesn't know what's going wrong, just that they lose)
  8. Hamilton (duh)

Good post!

Power rankings are meant for Right now. not what has been done in the past. The Riders are playing pretty damn good football right now. The Stamps aren’t playing nearly as good as football (mainly because Burris is not at the helm). That is why he and most others placed Calgary behind the Riders.

Oh and I am just curius how the Argos didn’t deserve to lose that game? Did the Riders deserve to lose it?? Put your biases aside and look at it a little more objectively and remember that TO did not score an offensive TD, The Riders stopped them in the redzone 3 times with only 3 points coming from those 3 redzone appearances.

EXCELLENT POST....real post of the year.

.....Wimprine joined the team just as the regular season began (Darnell Kennedy was then let go and joined Ottawa) and consequently missed much of the pre-season training....Gesser had been here for the entire PS and had more experience in running the O, therefore earned the No. 2 ranking.......Wimprine handled himslef well in his debut, but I am still undeciced if it was because he played well with a simplified Offensive scheme or because Ottawa's D basically gave up and lost steam........he will apparently start the Montreal game this Saturday, some rumours flying around about Burris dressing as the backup just in case, but the Als will be a big test on Wimprine's ability to lead an O.......

heres the SPORTSNET power rankings:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp?content=20050926_224105_4844]http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp ... 24105_4844[/url]

and the TSN power rankings:


i'd have to agree with TSN's rankings more over sportsnets.....

thanks...........AND I agree with you.....THE ARGOS, 5TH.....oh , please. :roll:

EDMONTON ..........# 1............. :lol: :lol: :lol: