WEEK 14 OVERALL LEAGUE AVERAGE @28,088 (27,916 in 05)

I'm back with the weekly and overall numbers, this after taking a brake and combination of vacation.
The league has nicely cracked the 28,000 average and is slightly ahead of 2005 by 172 fans per game. Of course, to remind everyone again the Ottawa low attendance factor has played significantly in the 05 numbers and is not part of the equation for this year.
Two teams, Winnipeg and Montreal, continue with the same or a nice increase like the BB of 1671 per game.
The remaining teams have narrowed the gap and with a good stretch run all have a chance to match or possibly increase.
Toronto, Sask and Hamilton are all under the 1000 mark and respectively at 210,632 and 868 away from matching 05.
While BC, Calgary and Edmonton are down 1125, 1294 and 1448. All have also a chance to surpass the 05 figures.
As for the league overall, there is still a slight chance to crack the magic 30,000 mark but it will require near capacity crowds all around.
Here are the figures.


current game(year ave. to date)--- 05 game (year ave after same time)


  1. Edmonton 47,965 7HD Ave.(38,317) ---
    2005: 42,654 (39,765)
  2. BC 35,971 6HD Ave.(30,573) ---
    2005: 36,066 (31,698)
  3. Calgary 26,843 7HD Ave.(30,266) ---
    2005: 28,304 (31,560)
  4. Toronto 26,212 5HD Ave.(27,870) ---
    2005: 24,637 (28,080)
  5. Hamilton 25,107 7HD Ave.(27,417) ---
    2005: 27,582 (28,285)
  6. Winnipeg 30,026 7HD Ave.(26,396) ---
    2005: 22,630 (24,725)
  7. Sask 30,900 6HD ave.(24,470) ---
    2005: 25,226 (25,102)
  8. Montreal 20,202 6HD ave.(20,202) ---
    2005: 20,202 (20,202)

LEAGUE AVE. 06/ 51 games 28,088
05/ 57 games 27,916

Edmonton(Cal) 47,965
Edmonton(Cal) 40,491
Edmonton(Sas) 39,599
Edmonton(Win) 37,611
BC (Mon) 35,971

Note, excluding Montreal due to continuous sellout and small stadium.

Sask (BC) 21,082
Sask (Ham) 22,820
Sask (Cal) 23,107
Winn (Edm) 23,521
Sask (Cal) 23,942

Nice work.

Expect a big croud for the Toronto-Calgary tilt on September 30th.

In order to get a high average, the stadiums with big capacities (Edmonton, BC, Toronto, Calgary) MUST DRAW!

I don't see how BC could be down at all this year. We have the upper bowl partly open and have had higher attendance for every game so far this year than last year. If anything is the cause for lower attendance its that as soon as Edmonton is no longer a playoff team after 20-30 years then the Edmonton fans stop showing up as much, even though still nice attendance.

BC is the highest its been in over a decade and getting neat 36,000 last night is quite awesome. Toronto needs to step it up, they're twice the size of Vancouver if not three times the size yet they still can't crack 30,000. Man Toronto is wierd. The only place in Canada where American sports are bigger. They should just join the United States and get it over with.

.....I would like to point out that hankthetank said there were about 27 fans out to the Friday game in Calgary....that is totally incorrect....there were at least 327 fans in attendance.......be realistic at least hank!.......

Great stuff. :thup:

We missed your CFL insights. :rockin:

I hope you had a great vacation! :wink:

The ARGOS should have some of their best crowds for the last 4 home games. :thup:

We also have the kick for 1 million. :thup:

How are the T.V. numbers? Any news?

THANKS! :thup:

looking good, even better considering the NHL is now on.