Week 13TV: Average 564,500

Surprisingly and like the entire year, the numbers this week are down and considerably from last weeks average of 644,750.

Friday: Mon - Edm TSN 586,000 RDS 137,000 By comparison MLB BJ - TB 523,000
Saturd: BC - Sask TSN 621,000 Excellent afternoon viewing
Win - Tor TSN 564,000
Sunday: Cal - Ham TSN 487,000 Best all day sports on Sunday

Average: 564,500

Do you have access to the ratings for the CIS University Rush games on The Score? I'm curious which teams draw the biggest numbers.

Sorry, unfortunately you have to be a member for the BBM service to access these which are rarely published.

Edit: Took out my last post re: ratings... wasn't relevent as the last ratings available for last year were part of labour day or the labour day rematches, not comparable.

Here is a snippet of an article from last December re the CFL season:

From a league perspective, the best story of the year was the CFL’s continued rise in the TV ratings. An average of 876,000 Canadians tuned in to each regular-season game, a five percent boost over last year and TSN’s top numbers for any league, ahead of even their midweek NHL and NBA broadcasts. The playoffs drew even better numbers, and the Grey Cup broadcast reeled in an average audience of 6.04 million, the third-highest in TSN history (behind only the 2009 Grey Cup and the 2010 World Junior final). The audience also got younger, which bodes well for the league; it’s not all that long ago the CFL was seen as the preference of older fans alone.
I'm sure it is not pretty though...

Another thing I noticed if you google CFL tv ratings is that the league did a lot of bragging last year about the ratings and now it is obvious to everyone there is a massive drop off. That should indicate how bad this year is for the CFL, if not all other leagues...

That's alright. I can't imagine they would be very high anyway. :lol:

Prairie teams are slumping.

Weird summer weather. People had their planned vacay's through the bad early months, espescially out west here. Then the weather gets super nice for September and people are out more than they usually are.

Look for ratings to pick back up to usual as the weather cools off. I will say they will possibly exceed last years averages for those last weeks. I expect a record Grey Cup viewing, especially seeing as it's at a sort of new venue that's really state of the art.

I sound like an optimist but my first paragraph states that i am using actualy facts to back up my statement.

When these things come true i expect to be hired by the way.

Riders suck.. tv ratings drop.

Riders Rock.. Tv Ratings rise.... :smiley:

That might actually be true...

It is very surprising that the Calgary/Hamilton game attracted less than 500,000 and on a special Atlantic game as well.

Hopefully these numbers are not indicative of declining national interest. I'm still watching and loving every minute of CFL ball.

Absolutely. :thup:

Just wait for the colder weather boys, like i said above, it'll all come back to normal once all of our later summers are over across canada. Supposed to get up to 20 in Vancouver today, not a cloud in the sky. If there was a game on today, i'd at least listen on the radio.

Anybody have the radio ratings? lol. I think they'll come back. Things are better than ever for the CFL with no stadiums coming, people would be crazy to stop watching when its just about to get so good with BC and Winnipeg i'm realy excited about.

often times when i work, the radio has been great to listen to the stamps games. i would like to see some more national radio game broadcast. i thought it was on sirius radio, but i couldnt find the games.

Given the fact it's only two years since the switch to the new counting system, how do we know last year wasn't an anomaly? As far as I know, all sports tv ratings have been down. The CFL is still doing really, really well.

I do believe there's something to be said about the fact Toronto, BC and Saskatchewan have had poor starts and affected TV ratings.

are you implying when the two largest market in the country and the most popular team in the country have a terrible first half of the season it can affect rating? by golly you may have solved the mystery of the year.