Week 13 Vs Ottawa

Expecting Spencer Moore will be taking some of Messam's reps.

So have you seen what he is like in practice ? I understand Messam was back today. Did he look all right or is he still hurting?

If he's hurting, rest him. It's a meaningless game.

ON: 5 Glenn*, 29 Mertile*, 52 Kankolongo, 80 Moore, 84 Haidara
OFF: 14 Sims*, 18 McHenry, 20 Maze*, 28 LeGree*, 87 Carroll

LeGree of course is gone
Moore is eligible off the 6
Maze is onto the 6...concussion

I agree if he is hurt to rest him. I strongly disagree that it' s a meaningless game. Ask any of the fans that pay hard earned money to cheer them on if it's meaningless. Ask Dyce or hopefully any player if they feel it is meaningless. If anyone on the team feels it's meaningless, then send them packing.

It's meaningless in regards to the standings. Of course you play each game to win, but the playoffs are gone so the 2 points for the W mean nothing. If Messam needs to rest up and heal then I am NOT willing to risk him over simple pride.

Maze is out and they scrape the bottom of the PR for Mertile (who has struggled hard in games) and they cut LeGree?


I see we have a different coach and still make stupid decisions. Brutal.

Yeah Mertle was burned plenty in this one. Have to agree dumping LeGree is highly questionable. And yet again another close loss 0-6 in games under 4 points. Brutal.

That was not on Dyce but the player that called the time out before the play was run.

All right so if Glenn is to be moved Hamilton looks like a contender. Zach out for an uncertain time with an ACL and man the backups looked really really bad. I know there is a bit of bad history with Glenn and Austin but Kent may have to suck it up and eat some pride and get Glenn.

Make the Cats pay with a first rounder and a second rounder. NOTHING LESS!!! If they don't want to pony up tell them to get stuffed and possibly fall down to 3rd or 4th in the East.

Awesome game maybe the top 5 exciting games of the year.

Oh and yes I would cut Mertle tomorrow.

Ya I know. I wanted to make the point that obviously the players need to shoulder Lots of the blame but my rage got in the way of me communicating that.

Yeah understandable being frustrated. This is the one that may have broken the camel's back. Another close loss that easily could have been otherwise. You can only go to the well so often and then you come up dry. Still lots of work to be done.

I think it was Brackenridge...

It was a good game, but yet another loss, The D is playing so much better, and yes murtle can go. Glenn was not as sharp but then been off for 6 weeks.

I can’t see Glenn being traded, until Doubles is back and ok Glenn will be around. But this season is all but done I think, 6 games left, which means Bombers and lions need to lose every game till the end and we need to win them all… pity this team is way better than our record shows

Lots of work?? More like tons of work? I only saw the second half... And this is what I saw...

There should have been at least 2 pic sixes (mental mistakes)
Mertile schooled..
Up by two points on the 34 yard line with a first down and call a fly sweep and run out of bounds for a 2 yard loss to stop the clock
Next play Take a dumb ass sack at 2nd and 12 (which puts more pressure on your place kicker to hit from the 48)... That would have been a huge 5 point lead there...
Mertile schooled..
Messam dropping 4 passes
Brackenridge calling a timeout after Ottawa called a timeout.. Really? Shouldn't you have a play ready for that??

Did I miss anything?

Oh, and Did I mention Mertile being schooled?

Ottawa did everything in their power to gift wrap this game, and the Riders still found a way to lose it.. After today, it really sinks home why this team is 1 and 11 in the standings...

This team is not better than what the record shows... Today proved that..

Mentally this team is worst in the league. So many dumb decisions. Can't catch the ball, can't intercept the ball, can't cover. Coaches calling dumb offensive plays in the wrong situations.. Coaches not instructing players what the inportance of a timeout is...

Maybe these guys don't realize they are coaching/playing for jobs next year? (Insert sarcasm here)

The difference between the good teams and the Riders this year is that the good teams step up and make the big play when the game is on the line, the Riders do not. Too many times one play on either offense of defense if made would be all the difference it would take to get the win. When you have lost 7 games by less then 4 points it just proves my point.