Week 13 Unofficial Power Rankings

2. Saskatchewan

It was ugly but they went East and got a big win to keep them ahead of Calgary. Fajardo continues to be pedestrian with only 145 yards but a win is a win.

3. Hamilton

2 big wins over 2 bad teams. You have to think they're improving, they can still win the East with 3 wins including a huge one coming against Toronto.

4. Toronto

After getting blown out in Montreal they should have lost this game 3 times. Toronto is not peaking and is currently holding on to 1st by the slimmist of margins.

5. Calgary

1 behind Sask but an extra loss, looking more like Calgary will be going to Sask for the ESF but that's not a foregone conclusion.

6. Montreal

Matt Shiltz didn't look good, but Trevor Harris lost track of the downs. They're tied with Hamilton right now but with 2 against Winnipeg coming up they'll have to be at their best to not finish 3rd.

7. BC

Should have beat Toronto. You can see the frustration on Michael Reilly's face.
BC should be looking for a kicker.

8. Ottawa

Marcel Desjardins is out, but it's not his fault... Just ask him.

9. Edmonton

Was never really in it against Hamilton. But pulled off a trade for Nick Arbuckle, he'll probably get some reps before the season ends, don't be shocked if they win another.


Agreed (if you make it WSF). SSK has 7 wins to CAL's 6, plus a game in hand. CAL holds the tie-breaker but it may not matter.

  • Next week: SSK@EDM, CAL has a bye
  • Following week: EDM@SSK, CAL@BC.

Very good chance SSK is two games up on CAL heading into the final week, which is:


In that case, CAL could not catch SSK, SSK has nothing to play for, and may decide to rest some of its starters in their HAM game (except Fajardo who apparently must play every snap as long as he can stand up) to stay healthy for the playoffs. I would strongly encourage the Riders to focus on the playoffs.

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3. Hamilton

The wins over Ottawa and Edmonton were against bad teams but they were convincing. The sign of a good team trending in the right direction. There's a sense of relief with those victories. If the Cats barely squeaked out a win in those two games then it might cast doubt if we could even compete against the strong teams.

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Well we are playing another bad team in BC next week...we can't b'tch n complain about the schedule. ..we are on our way to getting our MOJO back....really hoping Riders & Cats have something on the line for final game...want to see how we stack up against a good team.

Maybe... Or maybe we beat BC, lose to TO, beat the Rider backups and lose a playoff game.

Would that shock anybody given the way this season has gone?

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Crazy Season for sure. Never easy being a Tiger Cat fan. But we control our own destiny…win out and secure the Bye to the East Final. Then it’s Home Field advantage for at least one game…and hopefully two

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CFL.ca has slightly different rankings they have Toronto Calgary & Hamilton ranked 3-5.

The fact that the cats have to claw and scratch to the end, I think will build character (or they'll just collapse). But I think it's better than the alternative....if say they had won all 3 games they lost by a single point...their record would be 9-2...we would be artificially beating our chests to how great we are...kinda like 2019....then only to get smashed in the final.
Now if they get to the Grey cup; they will need to play playoff football...and will be ready for whoever comes out of the west. (Don't believe Winnipeg is a sure thing)

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Get ready to duck for cover. Incoming salvo. :shield: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: