Week 13 Riders vs Redblacks

From what I've seen ORB have a good D, with that said, how will Tino preform against them? If he can get some passing going we should be fine if not it's going to be a long day! Our run game should be ok. Our D if they play to form should be able to shut Henry down! Would love to see him on his back all day!! hehe

Special teams need to really start stepping up, they can't keep allowing the mistakes they have been making and I hope they have the glitches out. I also think we need to have a kicker and a punter. Milo does not handle both well as we all know! Should be a good game I hope!!

I think Swain should be punting. He has done the best in practice for 2 weeks now.

Ottawa's defense has allowed low points the last few weeks. They have lost in close low scoring games.

Henry is enjoying his twilight career. But he always has the ability to run and can create some problems?

I am in a sarcastic mood this morning. Maybe Swain should be punting, I agree. He's only caught what 5-8 balls all season. If we are not using our 4th and 5th receiver maybe we could try that DeMarco guy who only played one game. Schillens played last week and did not appear on stats sheet? We need a push underneath Dressler/Bagg/Getz.

But they need a rebound, badly. Ottawa I would say is dangerous if they are allowed to hang in there and think they can win and steal one.

Punt and kick cover must get consistently better. Part of that is on Milo to place punts and get some hangtime.

I hope the O got some things figured out this week. Last week was boring, like watching paint dry. I think that our D was on the field for 70% of the game, because the O was so bad. I'm worried that our O won't be able to put points up consistantly, and we can't expect our D to pitch shutouts every game. :oops:

I think 70% is a bit understated. When you have as many two and outs as they had last week then it doesn't take much time off the clock. Yes the offense must contribute more to take the burden off of the defense or its not going to be much fun for the defense or Rider fans.

TOP was actually 27:47
It was more the crap field position that ruined it all.
The D gave up 2 50 yeard FGs in the 1st Q (I can live with that...they really barely moved the ball for those).
In the 2nd they got a TD when they started in FG range.
In the third they held them to what...3 straight 2 and outs then gave up the kick return on ST
It was at that point the Rider O went from bad to horrid. the Cats just chipped away yardage, punted, and awaited the next 2 and out.

The D did not have their best game of the year, but they were by no means bad. If the O had done anything perhaps it would cause some increased enthusiasm on the D...that happens.

agreed it's pretty hard to be motivated when you just stopped a team several times and see no results from the offense for the effort. Anyways it's a new week and a new game so lets try to stay positive and see if things turn around .

Probably would be best if we just played three down football and forget about the kicking/punting game until we put in an actual kicker and punter in the lineup.

Facing a dangerous team at a dangerous time.

With Montreal in it against Calgary the RB will be feeling the pressure as the East teams pull away.

A great opportunity for the Riders to put the Bombers further back and get closer to the Esks.

Let's get the three headed monster run game rolling and put Hank on his back all day long. :rockin:

WOW!!! Not pretty but we'll take it :stuck_out_tongue:

Riders win, RedBlacks lose, Milo still is brutal and DePop will continue to make excuses for him.

Actually those two misses were not on Milo. Heck I have been pretty critical of him also but two very bad snaps and now say could Dressler tee either up cleanly you can't blame the kicker for that.

Anyways I'm not sure what happened on the roughing the kicker non call but it was a big break for the Riders. Double whammy is the punt is returned for a major. Still Ottawa got away with more then their fair share of holdings on two of their touchdowns so I guess that evens out.

Tino did look much better but still has a long way to go to compete against the Stamps but it was a positive direction especially in the second half. Lets see if he can keep going in the right direction. I'm sure he is feeling better about his performance in this one I just hope he doesn't let it go to his head.

Defense again did not do great but came through when it counted. Still for a team that has not been good on offense to allow that many points against is a bit concerning.
Cory must have blew a valve at halftime because the whole team played better in the second half that is for sure.

Still a win is a win and good bad or ugly its two points.

It wasn’t only the kicks, punts were brutal as well. His best punt was a complete fluke caused by bad fielding. (oh ya in OT the ball was still down and laces out. It’s solely the place kicker holders responsibility to deal with bad snaps. Kicker is supposed to play through as if it is a good snap all the time and in OT Dressler had in place in time.)

It was also “discovered” in the post game show that Milo has NEVER made a pressure kick where his kick determined the outcome because of it being the final play.

Milo is a great fit for a team where they are not expected to win. The pressure is off of him then. He would have probably thrived in Ottawa this year.

Oh I'm not saying that there isn't room for improvement because I certainly think there is. Waters pounded a couple in the game against the Lions and they certainly were not chip shots. One from I think 52 yards and with of course no wind to help.

No he isn't the greatest punter but he did actually place the ball pretty good and still the cover team allowed some big returns. Honestly not sure what the issue is but it is still and issue.

I love that some people are too blinded to see bad snaps and blame any kicker for that. Proves the value in their opinion on the subject matter and why they get ignored. Bad snaps = stutter steps = misses. Milo must have brought a family member out for a nice steak dinner and never called again, or they are simply not capable of seeing what basically everyone else has.

  • Gotta do something about the long snapping. On punts it is not bad, fairly solid actually, but it has caused several FG botches.
  • Taj who? if you aren't going to use him then play a National and try to build up a slid ratio spot.
  • Kilgore...not getting it done. Play Hurl for a ratio spot or try something new.
  • Allen...c'mon, a great TD catch, but some horrid drops. He made some amazing catches early in the season...he is better than this.
  • Rod Williams. Generally solid, but was beaten pretty much the whole night. He was playing pretty tight to the line, but every now and then they need to role T-brack over there if they are going to do that and go for the pick.

Was there an explanation as to why the contact on Milo was not a penalty? He never even motioned like he was going for the ball and Milo was still looking like he wanted to take a swing at it, then boom.

hmm I think he actually did make an attempt to kick but the timing was so off on the snap and Dressler trying to tee it he had all ready started go towards where the ball should have been but of course it wasn't. Not sure but I think he got hit after Dressler started to pick up the ball and tried to get up to pass. I guess in that case he is no longer a kicker but acting in the refs mind as a blocker. Can't really complain about it after Ford make contact with Mahar.

Yeah Williams was owned all day and surprised they didn't go after him a lot more. No Kilgore was also not getting it done by a long shot. Our middle D is soft and that I think is why we get burned by teams using the quick hitters so much. I would like to see them get some players in there that will take a penalty by hitting a receiver cutting across the middle for a quick hitter and they smack him before the ball arrives and I do mean smack. Do it once and it sends a message you better keep an eye on me or your next. To me were too soft in the D back field other then T Brack who has that rep of being a nasty hard hitter. I would like to see everyone back there have the same rep. Make receivers take that peek to see where the hit is coming from.

Kilgore: was victimized all day with mismatches in coverages. He also missed a couple of tackles.

Riders blitzed a lot and it was generally ineffective. Surprised they stuck with it as the front 4 did a great job on their own. George had an incredible game. Foley was also strong, he did a very excellent contain job on the first sack, a veteran pay and no stat for that. But the blitz really just opened up holes for Burris to read and find his easy targets.

Hilee Taylor. Cut this loser. They had a sack and and incomplete 2 and out inside the 20, he does an awful cheap shot on the back of Hank's legs. Bad enough itself, but gives a first down. 10 plays later it's in the endzone. If that's not enough, in OT, the sack, Hank down, Hilee piles on late and I was shocked it was not called. There is not place for bullshit like him on my team. I'll py his bus ticket myself.

Dressler. Magic. Awesome. We're not worthy.

TBrack. Got run over by Krausnick giving 100 lbs, but did not give up and still made the play. TBrack had a strong game.

hurl was strong on the ST. I thought the punt coverage played well today.

Peters, struggled with the long snaps, but it was great to see him block the FG. You could see his emotion when he made the play, he must have really felt bad about the snaps. I'm really liking this guy these days.

The non roughing the kicker, well it wasnt roughing, ot was contacting, but on 3rd and 8 still would have been 1st down. The only explanation I can think of is that the official ruled (probably incorrectly) that Ford grazed the ball, and it was close.

getz is so obviously hurting. He's a warrior but give him a rest. Messam must also be sore. He barely saw the field.

Another point that I forgot to make. Where did Tristan Jackson think he was going on the final play? He had the win in his hands, just take a knee. Decision was either really dumb or really selfish.