Week 13 Power Rankings

  1. BC - class of the league right now... even when they play poorly they still manage to win
  2. Montreal- just a notch below the Lions
  3. Calgary - even though they lost, still a solid team
  4. Sask - 3-1 in their last 4, are showing they are a much better team that the losing streak showed
  5. Toronto - not sure how they will fare without Ray if he is out for any length of time
  6. Hamilton - Jekyll and Hyde team
  7. Edmonton - offence is killing this team right now
  8. Winnipeg - did get thier 3rd win, but too little, too late

Switch Hamilton and Edmonton and thats my rankings

  1. BC - Repeat ugly wins are kind of concerning, but good teams find a way to win and they keep doing that.
  2. Montreal - Ho hum, another season, another year as the class of the East. In other news, the sun rose today.
  3. Calgary - A setback this week, but Regina is a tough place to play.
  4. Saskatchewan - Turned it around and are playing some good football.
  5. Toronto - Haven't looked good the last couple of weeks, but I have nowhere else to put them.
  6. Hamilton - If I knew which version of this team was going to show up ahead of time, they could go up or down appropriately. Sadly I don't.
  7. Edmonton - I've heard the saying that defense wins championships, but that's predicated on the idea of an offense that can score points.
  8. Winnipeg - One win against a fairly bad team doesn't get them out of the hole, but it does get them a whole lot closer (and back into the playoff race). Still haven't won a road game, but they don't have many of those left thankfully.

Don’t tell me. . . in the east, perhaps ?


Definitely, it was in my face the entire way to work. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. (1) BC - ugly win, but still a win so they stay on top because..........
  2. (2) Montreal - UGLY win, could've, and should've, made the Argos look like the Pierce-less Bombers but didn't
  3. (3) Calgary - off week
  4. (5) Saskatchewan - They're slowly coming back to life
  5. (7) Edmonton - defense held the Lions, but 3 2nd half points is not good enough, signs of improvement
  6. (6) Toronto - can't justify putting them lower, even though they deserve it
  7. (8) Winnipeg - THEY WON THE TOILET BOWL
  8. (4) Hamilton - they lost the toilet bowl
  1. BC-Winning close games, winning in a blowout.
  2. Montreal-Maybe they are a good team
  3. Saskatchewan-A team that appears to be hitting on all cylinders. Defense has been playing lights out football
  4. Calgary-Would likely be ranked ahead of Saskatchewan, but with the possiblity of losing Glenn for a few games, I expect them to lose a few over the upcoming weeks.
  5. Toronto-Plays well, then plays not so well
  6. Winnipeg-Likely finish ahead of Hamilton in the standings now that they have a quarterback
  7. Edmonton-Surprised that they continue to lose games. Their defense has really dropped off
  8. Hamilton-Too inconsitant to be ranked any higher.