Week 13 Power Rankings

Lots of arguements for and against teams this week. This how I stack them up. Feel free to post what you all think and supply reasons for that.

1- BC (11-0) Rolling along. Still winning good for top spot.

2- Toronto (7-4) Did not play this week but won't lose a spot for that

3- Montreal (5-6) Looked good enough to win in BC. Came up on the short end of things

4/5- Edmonton (7-5) (toss up with Riders) Played a great game in Regina and if the special teams played better they woulda won.

4/5- Saskatchewan (6-6) (toss up with Esks) Played a great game at home and proved they are getting back on track. Won the game on special teams.

6- Calgary (6-6) Victory against the Ti-Cats with the back up QB. Not very convincing because of all the turnovers.

7- Winnipeg (4-9) Full marks for a win on the road. Gavin Walls is the lineman of the week.

8- Ottawa (5-7) Having chances and getting it done are two different things. Right now they aren't getting it done.

9- Hamilton (2-10) If you can't score points off turnovers you don't win many games.

With Montreal losing the last 3 out of 4 games, including one against Edmonton and one against Calgary I would have dropped them lower.

What is with people still thinking Montreal is one of the top teams? They have been mediocre all year. They are certainly behind Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Their strength from the last decade shouldn't even be considered with a 5-6 record. Yes, they are still dangerous, but so are Ottawa, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

I wouldn’t say they are necesarily behind edmonton or saskatchewan or Calgary. In fact I think they are better then Calgary. Untill Oct 8th comes around I am not sure about who is better Sask or Mtl, Edmonton is probably better.

I would say these are pretty accurate rankings.

No way Cal should be behind Sask.. Edmonton is better than both, they should have 3rd, Montreal 4th.. I'll give Cal and Sask a 5th/6th tie ONLY because we're playing with our backup QB right now.

I AGREE.....montreal can STILL beat anyone at anytime, and they proved that this weekend....a coachin error isn't the fault of the players ( i dont think we'll see the DON take that risk again this year )....lets not forget CAHOONs been out for a long time.
dont be surprised if montreal dosn't lose a game the rest of the season!

A coaching error isn't a fault of the players but teams still lose games because of it. Coaches are part of the team and a team with great players can be brought down because of coaching mistakes.

True, but Matthews usually don't call plays. Calvillo does. And you could clearly see in Calvillo's face that it wasn't his call to go for two on that convert.

Speaking of Calvillo, don't you think its a little weird that he just "rediscovered" Cahoon mid-way through the fourth quarter? All of Cahoon's catches but one happened in the fourth quarter. And he rocked. We might have gotten more than 4 points in the first half had we rely more on fantastic Ben.