Week 12

After week 12 our record is 6 and 6, not so bad considering we started the season 1 and 4, so 5 and 2 since.
Yes yesterdays loss to Sask. was dissappointing as was the close loss to Calgary earlier in the season,our secondary looks
suspect(cough)but I have faith in Greg Marshall to make us better.I really think Kevin Glenn is a fantastic QB and A. Bruce is spectacular. With a good running game now starting to come around and I really haven't seen Cobb putting the ball on the ground up until yesterday I think this team is capable of putting another 4 wins at least up to finish 10 and 8 and secure a playoff spot . Then who knows what can happen!

I ALWAYS stay mad for a day about a loss but then the next day I try to take positives from it.We’re not as bad off as thought.Why it felt so bad was because we should’ve won it and it would’ve been huge if we did.People say we “only” beat WPG BC and TOR.Toronto’s tied for second with us, they’re no pushovers.BC proved after our game that they aren’t a terrible team.Winnipeg showed Montreal that they’re good but have just lost alot of close games.

Winnipeg 3/4
Toronto 2/3 (3/3 coming soon enough)
BC 1/?

We have back to back against the struggling Esk’s, perfect chance to pull out a 2-0.That’d put us at 8-6 and right back in the thick of things.And remember, ANYTHING can happen in the playoffs.This team has some beautiful potential and everyone know’s it.

I think its true, people are just afraid to say it. I haven't seen a single game this year that didn't show anything besides the team being the best among the worst. Sure they lost to Calgary by one point and missed some field goals, a good team would have won that game. Until the cats can beat CGY/SSK/MTL they are the best of the worst, there's no other way to put it. I remember on CHCH AB3 saying something to the extent of "We have back to back games against Edmonton and they are the worst team in the league so hopefully we can pull out a couple wins" that shouldn't be the mindset and I actually wouldn't be surprised of Edmonton wins those games, perfect time of year to turn around their season.


One win against a very bad team, does not a good team make; and one loss against a pretty good team, does not a bad team make.

I regards to all the preceding posts, it's the same recurring theme over and over. [b]imagination, innovation, creativity, etc[b], or more importantly, the lack of it. We have a much better team that usually shows up on the field and I think every fan knows that, and that includes the other teams. All we need is to not only improve on the basics, but to include something new and different. What ever happened to a double reverse, a lateral to another player on a runback, classic fake and throw plays? I guess they have gone the way of the dodo bird, (too bad, so sad).