Week 12 Unofficial Power Rankings

2. Montreal

3 in a row and Matthew Shiltz may be the real deal. Will Trevor Harris even see the field?

3. Saskatchewan

Finally figured out a way to beat Calgary. Thankfully these teams won't play again....or will they?

4. Toronto

May want to think twice about trading Arbuckle. Toronto was out classed in Montreal, looking forward to BC and Ottawa they will be in a dog fight for the East.

5. Calgary

Some poor decisions from Bo cost them a chance to take control of the West Semi. However with Ottawa and BC next up they're still definitely in the picture to host a playoff game.

6. Hamilton

Let Ottawa hang around longer than they would have liked but took care of business. Up next possibly a worse team in Edmonton. Hamilton is still well in the East picture despite what the league's main broadcaster would have you believe.

7. BC

Embarrassing loss. Hard to imagine that much talent can't score a point.

8. Ottawa

Officially eliminated. Neither Caleb Evans nor Duck Duck Hodges looked particularly good, and they never got much of a rythmn going against a solid Hamilton D. Full garbage time mode for Ottawa now.

9. Edmonton

Speaking of garbage time. Edmonton traded away their best quarterback and are trying to convince fans they're in win now mode.
Have they hit rock bottom? Are the reports of a divided vaxx vs anti vaxx locker room true? Tune in this week.


It's your world, Bombers; we just live in it.


No. At the moment you live in a different world than the rest of the CFL.

I'll go out on a limb and say ... Western Semi-Final.


Middle of West div is there for the taking. Bad for Lions cant take advantage short and long term and bad for the league in that tough market.

West fans that like to play the "weak east" card all the time will tell you that Sask, Cal, and likely BC are unequivocally better than Ham, Tor and Mtl.... Because you know..... It's the west.

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First time in long time Priders aren't claiming they're the class of the league and going back to plucky underdog ..another oldie but a goodie.

Montreal at #2 appears to be high; they have just beat up on RBs a handful of times to have a great record.
Cats may be screwing around with bad Oline and kickers- but the team is better than both Montreal & Toronto - just a matter of time they get it together.

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I think teams 2 to 6 are pretty much interchangeable.

Like it or loathe it, they have a better record than us, and beat the first-place team in the East. Are they better than SSK? I'm not certain.

They've won 4 in a row. I'd imagine a neutral site game would be a pick em point spread.

Krisiun is right 2-6 are basically a wash. Hamilton could have established themselves with the 2 games they blew. But alas that's a history lesson now.

If the Als can beat Sask this coming Saturday; they are a legitimate #2; but I highly doubt they will.
A part of me will be cheering for the Als; just to bring the Sask arrogance down to earth (there is very little to hate about the Als - other than they are in the east)

Hard to punish a team who's won 4 in a row.

I will have to plug my nose and "cheer" for SSK to win. We want to be at least even with MTL (after winning the season series) for home-field advantage.


If we beat Toronto and tie them in the standings , we'd own that tie breaker also . Voila ! First place !

Pat Lynch (let's set the bar higher)

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Except for Toronto... you're right. The Arggggo's are the ONLY team that managed to beat us this season. They hold the bragging rights out east. :open_mouth:

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3DN ranks TOR at #6, the bottom of the interchangeable group.
3DownNation power rankings: Larks fly high while Boatmen sink

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And that's why I view them as entertainment and opinion pieces, not hard-and-fast truths. Makes for interesting discussions.

If we tie the Argos in the standings , that kind of suggests that we beat them on Nov 12 in T O . 2 wins for each team gives us the tie breaker on points for and against. We already have the edge vs. the Als .
Let's raise the bar . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

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