Week 12 TV Ratings

I'll steal ArgoT's thunder and post them.

Edmonton-Hamilton : 577 000 (Friday)
Toronto-Saskatchewan : 607 000 (Saturday)
BC-Calgary : 864 000 (Saturday)
Winnipeg-Montreal : 531 000 (Sunday)

For comparisons sake, Jays-Yankees on saturday got 594 000
The NFL got 396 000 total for Sunday afternoon and SNF got 594 000

I find it interesting that BC-Calgary, on a saturday had the best draw. Usually saturdays aren't as strong, but it was an evening game which likely helped.

Where do you find the ratings? I've been curious to know how CIS football on The Score is doing week to week.

Any idea what the RDS ratings were for the Bombers-Als game? That will certainly bump up the number of viewers for that game when they're added in.

BBM makes the top weekly program data available free. If you want more then that, you have to pay for it (or find someone else who paid for it then posted it).

I would think the Winnipeg-Montreal game would be over the 600,000 mark with the RDS numbers added as Blue Blood says.

With RDS Winnipeg Montreal would be closer to 700,000.
Other games did fairly well.
Lucky we have Cohon handling the TV negotiations this time.
Tom Wright gave away the rights to tSN for next to nothing.

Here’s a link for the TV numbers.
Josh, unfortunately I have yet to ever see TV ratings for CIS football on theScore. I guess they probably aren’t that high. I’ve seen them for the playoff games on TSN though.

[url=http://www.toronto.com/blog/post/698951--the-brioux-report-emmy-awards-survivor-mercer-and-22-minutes-back-big-as-season-officially-starts]http://www.toronto.com/blog/post/698951 ... lly-starts[/url]

Thanks geroy for posting.
The 4 games average is 644,750, up slightly from last weeks at 615,000.
Yes it is surprising how the BC game drew such excellent numbers and you would have thought how the Sask Tor game would be number one. But I guess it was an afternoon affair, so the figure is still awesome.
Meanwhile, the Als do about 200,000 plus in RDS numbers so that can be added.

I agree, excellent numbers for BC-Cal. Surprising to me as well, but a good surprise.

Edmonton might have been a bigger draw if viewers knew what to expect tuning in... my team had dominance early on, then dropped 3 in a row, then embarassed Calgary at home, then lost the rematch, and then suddenly came back to form again and declawed the Tiger-Cats.... Then again, maybe there really are a significant number of fans who made good on their reported threat to stop watching the team if Eric Tillman was hired.

Watching CBC Newsworld sports headlines this morning, they showed first the Blue Jays highlights from their game agains't the Rays, which was a nothing game for the Jays, and then the highlights from the Jets-Preds game. No mention of the CFL.

CBC, jealousy of TSN and BellGlobemedia is showing. :smiley:

The CBC head office is based in Toronto.
The guy doing the sports is from Toronto.
Thus he gives the Blue Jay highlights first.
Even though CBC dumped the Blue Jays a few years back.
And being a Toronto guy, he figures that the cFL doesn't really matter.
And the CBC thinks there the national network?
Yeah right

And the CBC thinks there the national network?

Exactly benji. I hope CBC never carries CFL games again, well, unless they pay through the nose big time, then that would be ok. :wink:

CBC sounds more like your version of our ESPN up there, though TSN is part-owned by Disney/ESPN from down here and shares substantially the same SportsCenter/SportsCentre format.

We've been on the case of the smug, aloof, largely New York-based types at ESPN for years now, and they've barely crawled out of their arrogant northeastern shell as they seem to play at least 10 minutes of baseball highlights for the Yankees and Red Sox no matter what time of year it is.

Thank goodness for the NFL Network that starting back in 2003 set their aloof butts straight for some time though they barely peek their heads out of a deep dark place. And here they go on and on pretending as if the country really cares about the NBA, awful college basketball, and nowadays any more most of college football for example, for after all no doubt they paid way too much for those media rights contracts.

Certainly I would not wish such woes to you all out of Toronto from the likes of this CBC outfit as you have described them promoting anything else but the NHL or the CFL.

Neither of these are truly "national" networks but rather for the sake of lame promotion and propaganda for regional agendas so to hell with them I say. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

People can correct me here but I would compare CBC more to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the US although I don't think PBS carries sports.

Though both publicly subsidised, with CBC far more heavily than PBS, they are in no way the same given that PBS has not carried sports since perhaps the World Cup matches in 1982 except for the final.