Week 12 Riders vs Hamilton

Yes the dust hasn't settled from the Banjo Bowl yet but with Durant being sidelined for the game against the ticats Cortez is going to have to come up with a game plan to make Tino successful.

In my opinion if there was any time to be going to a steady diet of a two back set this is it. Everyone knows the Riders will lean even heavier on the run so fine when in Rome... my point being if the run is to continue to be effective then some creativity in how we run needs to be used. The two backs set is a great option to do hitch screens, center screens, reverses, plus it will give the added protection of Tino and more time to find the receiver when passing is done. And there is no doubt the passing game has to be a least a threat to be a deterrent to defenses. In the game yesterday it really wasn't an effective tool for Sunseri. The fact that we still ran the ball with some success is a testament to how good our O line really is.

Still though Sunseri must pass and get completions. I would like to see some quick slants, and as I mentioned some screens just to give him the confidence to throw. The biggest thing for Sunseri is not to force into coverage like he did yesterday and got away lucky. Make the read, possibly dump off to one of the back if neither are available then either tuck and run or throw into the stands. He can't take sacks for big losses and put our defense in the hole.

The defense will no doubt be leaned on heavy to keep the game close and I have no doubt in their ability to do just that.
Chick and Company needs to bring the hammer down on Collaros . Austin likes to throw the ball and their run game is not much of a threat so Chick ,Foley, George, Tbrack need to get after Collaros and put him on the ground all game.

This isn't going to be a gimmie two points but I expect a Rider's win all the same.

I'd be willing to bet that they are not going to rely on the run as much for a couple of reasons. 1) Our opponents expect us to use the run as a crutch with DD out of the line up. 2) Cortez seems to want Tino to throw when logic seems to say run.

IMO, the Riders are going to need balance. Not pass first, not rush first, just balance. Rush up the gut so the d stacks the box. Hitch screens wide to spread the d out. No different than they have been playing last 7 wins in a row. Agree with Depop that the OLine needs work and practice on pass rush... If Tino goes down then what? Remaining QB's pretty much nothing for CFL experience. So they need to keep Tino protected.

On defense they will have to take a page out of Montreal and keep a "spy" on Collaros. When he was able to run out of the pocket and throw on the fly (or use his legs), he was killing the defense. Also, the Riders will have to take away the quick slants and the crossing routes over the middle. If they can do that, Hamilton will be in for a tough one

Special teams needs to play just like it did in Winnipeg. I actually thought Milo did an excellent job punting... His missed field goal was a result of a stutter on snap and hold..

Most important is to try and get through a game with no injuries. The Riders are the walking wounded now..

Balanced attack

Pass heavy week coming IMO…at least the 2nd possession on. They will want to suck in for a couple first downs with running to keep the D on their toes, then it is time to see where they are at with Sunseri.

IMO they should really give Sunseri his chance to show what he can do this week. This is the defense to try it out on IMO. They should let him throw early and often and give him his chance to beat the Ti-Cats. Definitely use our run game to set up Sunseri as well but I really think this is a game to just let him go and get some confidence in our receivers.

my fear...the first game against TO. I think they could head into this with a similar gameplan.

Getz and Bartel never practiced again.

Is The Getzlaf injury the same as the one from the start of the year?

They claim not, I personally have my doubts

The Riders will win this game the same way that they always beat Hamilton - by completely dominating the line of scrimmage.

The ticats are coming and will be leaving with 2 pts.

I wouldn't bet the farm on that pikk. Hamilton has a way of self imploding in almost every game this year. Don't forget our defensive line is still intact and our 3 headed monster run game is second to none. Many teams have tried to stop it but few have succeeded so far. It will be a close game I'm sure and much closer then if Durant was playing.

Got this gut feeling that the Riders are gonna blow away Hamilton.

This is going to be an interesting game for the Riders, I believe Sunseri can handle the O really well, The D will keep doing what they do, and Special teams have finally stepped it up, Dressler’s got in 2 weeks now so he should be almost back in forum. Getz will play by what I heard. I almost agree with Deanjo… it could be a blow-out!

Sunseri has tons of potential. This team reminds me a lot of the 2008 team where they relied heavily on the run and won a lot of games. Their downfall that year was that they brought in Michael Bishop who was aweful. Stick to what works and they should continue to win games down the stretch.

Game Day depth chart is up.

DD is out...obviously

OL remains the same

Schilens in for R Smith...probably won't actually dress, but I have head Schilens has good chemistry with the backups in practice, so it might make sense to see him

Backfield is the same

Markus White finally makes the 46...was a fair amount of hype on him in camps, so maybe he will dress?? Other than that the D looks the same

I'd sooner see Smith out there than Schilens, JMO

I like Smith, but the team has more than enough 6ft targets.

LOL well I think Smith is the better receiver! JMO they place him on the 1 game list

Well I thought R. Smith played well and had a duel role as a kick returner... But now that Dressler is back, and getting into CFL game speed, Smith is less of a priority. IMO, the Riders can keep R. Smith as security if Dressler goes down (or they can't sign him in offseason)
Schilens is a big target, and IMO was possibly under utilized at the start of the year because of the emphasis on the run game (there was poor weather at start of the season). He also did not have full chemistry when DD was throwing the ball. Schilens however has played some special team coverage... He recovered the fumble that Woldu forced out in Winnipeg in their first game of the year.

First, I think the Schilens move has a lot to do with him having a role on special team coverages... We know that the injuries are really piling up on ST coverage..

Second, while he was on the 6 game, it should have given him lots of extra time to learn the playbook. So coaching staff is likely more comfortable with where he is at in the playbook now

Third, he might prove to be a decent replacement for Taj Smith... I think Taj only has one more strike left...