Week 12 Power Rankings

Post your power rankings for week 12 in this thread.

[ol]- Saskatchewan (last week 1): Fumbled away a game their offense looked to have won, but still the class of the league considering that Ricky Ray had to play unconscious football for three quarters to pull out the win.

  • Hamilton (last week 4): Possibly a watershed moment for the franchise, posting a decisive win in all phases of the game against the defending Grey Cup champions and holding Burris in check for 60 minutes.
  • Calgary (last week 2): Back-to-back wins against Edmonton’s porous pass defense may have made Burris & co. too comfortable.
  • Montreal (last week 3): Beating up on the sad-sack Bombers doesn’t hide the fact that this offense has no rhythm and can’t find the end zone.
  • Edmonton (last week 5): Ricky Ray isn’t going to flirt with shattering the record for most consecutive completions every week. At some point, this defense has to learn how to make a stop.
  • B.C. (last week 6): The Lions keep their ranking only because the two teams below them are in far worse shape.
  • Toronto (last week 7): With only one win as a starter, Cody Pickett is proving that the real problem is Andrus’s mediocrity as an offensive coordinator. Kerry Joseph must feel somewhat vindicated.
  • Winnipeg (last week 8 ): How are dropped balls and penalties Michael Bishop’s fault? And how does a sane coach think a completely raw Bramlet will fare any better against one of the league's top defenses? The Bombers have a better team than what the coach is showing.[/ol]

Do you work with solvents ?

Heh, heh. It's not nice to make fun of people especially when everyone is entitled to their own opinion but looking at those power rankings I don't blame you for doing so. Oh and by the way the only power rankings that matter is the one that shows in the standings. People's perception of who is better than who at any given point in time is arbitrary, pointless, and biased to whomever you cheer for and completely irrelevant IMHO.

So I guess my "power rankings" as you would put it are as follows:

  1. Montreal: 9-2
    2.(tie in no particular order)
    Saskatchewan: 6-5
    Edmonton: 6-5
    Hamilton: 6-5
    Calgary: 6-5
  2. BC: 5-6
    7.(tie in no particular order)
    Toronto: 3-8
    Winnipeg: 3-8

Just trying to be funny with my buddy "DP" :slight_smile:

To me Power Rankings mean who has got a hot hand and a positive trend at the moment. You have to go with

Montreal , Hamilton, Edmonton as your top 3 picks.

1-Montreal's record is so superior to everyone in the league they are unbeaten at home, 5-2 against the strong western division and unbeaten in their division.

2- Hamilton is improving on a weekly basis, they are almost invicble at home and have the hottest player in the league right now (Arland Bruce).

3- Edmonton managed to win in the toughest stadium in the league with a brand new offense. However their defense is nowhere near Hamilton or Montreal.

I agree with HfxTC's assessment. No offence, discipline, but those rankings are terrible. I'd accuse you of being biased, but you're a Montral fan, which makes your rankings even more mind-boggling. :lol:

Montreal has at least 3 games on every team in the league, but you only rank them fourth? How do you justify that? :lol:

Hehe, I knew someone would tell me I'm insane or high on something. :lol:

I base my power rankings on the overall strength of the team at a particular point in time, not on the number of wins and losses the team has. Otherwise, what would be the point? I know my Als are 9-2, which is fantastic. But they don't look particularly powerful to me right now, and haven't for about 4-6 weeks. The offense is simply turgid and it's becoming a real problem.

The two teams I see that are strong in all phases of the game are Sask and Hamilton. Calgary had a blip against Hamilton but I see it as a blip, nothing more, which is why I rank them ahead of my Als.

Until my Als put together back-to-back convincing performances on offense, I am not sold on them being at the top of the league. They've had to labor mightily in the past three weeks to beat the worst teams of each division (B.C. and Winnipeg), they can't convert in the red zone, and they invariably have to rely on the defense to bail them out for the first 15-20 minutes of any game.

Look, I had my Als at the top of the power rankings for weeks and weeks because I felt they deserved to be there. Right now, I don't think they deserve to be there. Now back to my work with solvents... :smiley:

They've had to labour because they have lost two starters on ther OLine and one of the replacements is a RAW rookie and despite that they keep winning ! Bourke and Lambert will come back and Calvillo will chill back to his old self.

Every team has injuries. It's no excuse. And the offense was having red-zone problems before either Bourke or Lambert was injured.

I was making reference to this comment you made

They've had to labor mightily in the past three weeks
You don't think losing two starters on the Oline has anything to do with that?

No one is making excuses, they are still winning !

In the sack department, sure. Running to the left, sure. But you simply can't use the O-line injuries to account for our spotty red-zone production, which was an issue even before Bourke and Lambert got injured. Every other team in the league had battled O-line injuries before we had ours. It's not an exceptional situation.

No one is making excuses, they are still winning !
You [i]are[/i] making excuses. When I questioned the team's red-zone production, you countered by invoking the injuries. That's an excuse. We can debate whether or not it's a [i]valid[/i] excuse, but don't move the goalposts.

Party pooper :frowning:


Darian Durant had one less completion than Ray...two good teams played a tough game. Sask. had home field advantage and the EE were a yard away from a convincing win if not for Whitlock's fumble. Yet you call Sask 'the class of the league' and put the EE 5th...I don't care about your EE assessment, but Sask #1? You're on crack...blows your credibility out of the water.

No surprise you're from Mtl...huge support in numbers but two-fold the criticism.... :roll:

Sigh. My power rankings are based on how strong I think teams are in a given week, not on one game. The reason I rank Edmonton at 5 is because their D has been awful for most of the season. That's a trend that can't be ignored. Whereas Sask's D has been generally good and gave up points last night because Ricky Ray played perfect underneath football.

No surprise you're from Mtl...huge support in numbers but two-fold the criticism.... :roll:
Good thing you don't know how to speak English or I might understand enough of your drivel to be offended.