Week 12 Power Pankings

Here is how I see the stack up this week. Present any arguements for and against and feel free to post your rankings.

1- BC (10-0) The Juggernaught just keeps rolling on. They are good and they are winning. Not much else to say here

2- Toronto (7-4) Rebounded nicely to show that Labour day was a blip on the schedule. Still looks like they are the team to beat in the east.

3- Montreal (5-5) You really shouldn't be able to move up with a bye week but if a team in front of you doesn't deserve to stay up there the Als get by them.

4-Edmonton (7-4) A team with much talent, then just don't want to show up on game day. Still need to learn how to protect the QB and run the ball.

5-Saskatchewan (5-6) Gutted out another win with the backup QB. And now moving up the standings and rankings nicely. Has this team rediscovered themsleves?

6-Calgary (5-6) Full value for the commonwealth win. The Alberta teams almost always spilt thoose games anyhow. Should be interesting to see how the next few games treat the Stamps.

7- Ottawa (5-6) Showed that they just don't have enough to keep up to BC. But is fair because no one else has either. Still need to protect the QB better.

8- Winnipeg (3-9) Hard fought losses are good for character and not much else. But they did move up relative to last week.

9-Hamilton (2-9) After such a good game on Labour day this team looked like a bunch of guys who couldn't get inspired for the next game. Still looking for a spark and Greg Marshall is clearly getting more irritated as the weeks go by.

Wow........youre either clueless, or looking for a fight.

Which is it?

i agree with everything except that calgary and ottawa should be ranked higher than sask.....
calgary beat edmonton, a much harder task than beating winnipeg and calgary beat sask!!!!
and ottawa has swept sask. this season!!!

Also how can you rank Montreal higher then Edmonton??

Just because Edmonton lost their last game?

Power rankings are determined by recent play - I agree with most, but the Edmonton-Montreal thing gets me. Saskatchewan outplayed both Calgary and Ottawa this week, so I have no argument there. Moving up Montreal (who didn’t play) just because Edmonton crapped out is questionable in my opinion. . .

i dont agree with that either...not yet anyways....altho i think montreal would beat them every 2 outta 3

i think he ranked montreal higher cuz montreals last game, they dominated, where edmonton looked bad in thier last 2.

how did sask OUTPLAY calgary?!?!?!.....they beat WINNIPEG...calgary beat EDMONTON....geez


As for Edmonton looking bad???? Im not sure thats fair. If Montreals
playing Edmonton, i still say Edm wins.

I must need coffee, Im actually sticking up for Edmonton. I have to write
this down!!!! Its a first. LOL

Edm ahead of Montreal...Calgary ahead of Sask....


I have been a fan of the CFL (and the Eskimos) snice the age of three and watched virtually every game of the past 25 seasons. So clueless I am not.

As to your looking for an arguement (fight). Sure thing that is the point of the posting.

I guess I am being hard the EE because I expect much more from them and I will stand by the rest of my rankings. But continue to post arguements for a different order.

As an Als fan, I'd like to see my team moving up, but I don't think its fair that it happens this way. Edmonton should be 3rd... for now !

As for Saskatchewan, I'd leave it ahead of Calgary, not because Calagary hasn't played good, but because Sask has swept back-to-back games against the team that was mostly threatening its playoffs contention.

.......you guys missed the point.......according to the string title, these are Pankings, not Rankings.........Pankings is a Dadaist term for 'irrelevant garbage'......clever use of wording there MKP.......

Dadaist??? You know about that? Okay Redandwhite, I’m impressed.