Week 12 Fantasy projections: Seeking reliability

The 2021 CFL season has been one without many reliable options for fantasy purposes. No player has been a lock for consistent production on a week-to-week basis, and Week 12 in the CFL schedule doesn’t make that much easier. Options at every position come with significant caveats. It will be up to fantasy players to wade through which risks they are willing to take to put together a winning lineup in Week 12 of CFL Fantasy.

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In a season where no player has put together a solid case for being the Most Outstanding Player 11 weeks into the season, Jake Wieneke may well be your 2021 CFL MOP. His ability to make dazzling plays and score touchdowns every single week has been unmatched this season. His production per target is higher than Brandon Banks produced in his 2019 MOP campaign and is among the highest of any receiver in the era of CFL fantasy contests.

Jake Wieneke has been a dynamite receiver all season and I have watched his increasingly exciting play and his reliability with eager anticipation. I couldn't agree more with the most outstanding player award because Jake is a guy that has stood out as an exceptional player. It is great that you have pointed out this achievement and have added the details to confirm it. :trophy: