Week 12: 5-5 Riders @ 6-4 Alouettes

Let another one slip away. If we don't smarten up we will be regretting not taking advantage of these opportunities come the end of the season when we don't make the playoffs. The D has to stop this habit of giving up 2 first possession TD's and then play lights out for the rest of the game - come on the field ready to play from the opening whistle. Despite giving up almost 200 yards to Montreal in penalties we had a chance to take this game and I believe had Durant been in the game we win. I don't get this praise of Willy - he does okay but I don't see this potetial for greatness everyone else sees if it wasn't for for the ability of Sheets to turn something into nothing we would not have had a TD in that game. We had the opportunity after the 2 safeties and didn't move the ball. To be honest I think JT might have had a better chance to win this football game.

Actually, the back camera angle makes it fairly clear that Anderson did catch the ball. Kudos to Chamblin for running the next play quickly before Trestman could challenge. :wink:

In any case, I was just saying that if the refs were really looking to hose SSK, they would have immediately ruled that Anderson had come up with the INT. In any case, we took 20 frackin penalties the week before against BC. Sometimes, the flags come out. For what it's worth, I disliked how yesterday's game was officiated for both teams. So many penalties, no flow, and phantom / weird calls that went against both clubs.

I agree officiating really ruined this game when your talking more about flags and penalties than good plays, somethings wrong.

I was kind of wondering if they might have a look at JT in there, after the offense kinda stalled toward the end of the game. I am not seeing this brilliance ppl seem to be talking about in Willy either. However i think it was a reasonable outing for a first start. I was kind of hoping it would it to shut the DWT people up for a couple weeks though.

Lots of stupid penalties... the odd borderline one, but lots of dumb plays too.

The Riders taking 20 frickin penalties ruined the game, not the officiating.