Week 12: 5-5 Riders @ 6-4 Alouettes

Game Time: Sunday September 16th, 1:00pm ET

Roughriders: 5-5 (3rd in West) 2-3 in Last 5 games
Alouettes: 6-4 (2nd in East) 4-1 in Last 5 games

Last Meeting: Week 4 of the 2011 Season. Riders won 27-24

Biggest storyline going in to this one IMO is the health of Durant, although I’m confident in Willy to lead the offense. Durant has played this team for years now twice at the Grey Cup and we all remember the Canada Day Classic or Miracle at Mosaic July 1st 2010. He has the experiance against Montreal’s defense ect. Defense needs to shut down Green and Richardson force them to go to their 3rd and 4th options.

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The Riders d hasnt allowed a touchdown since the first quarter in the Calgary game. I expect them to fare pretty well against Montreal. The key is to pressure Calvillo. Look for Brackenridge to have another good game.

Montreal's defense has been sub par for most of the season. Look for our offense to put up alot of points in this game.

Riders by 10.

Too tough to call IMHO. Now we get to see two things: 1) How good is our D really? and 2) How good is Drew Willy against a superior D? Should be an interesting game - interesting story lines. A win here would be huge. Go Riders Go!!!

Well said dusty

The Als will be tough to beat coming off a bad loss...especially in Montreal. They are the type of club that responds well in bounce back games.

Ball control and clock management...

Al's by 9 but not really won until late 4th quarter. We are close but won't beat em at home. That's my prediction, my heart is GO RIDER'S GO and yes it would be a season changing win!

I have to agree. AC is going to be hot in this game, he just doesnt have 2 subpar outings in a row...The Riders best defense needs to be time of possession...good running...short passes...keep AC cold by chewing up clock.

While the Bombers did not do the Riders any favours against the Stamps, it would at least appear that the Cats are going to. The Esks seem to be struggling since they aquired 3 feature RBs.

I'm thinking Rider nation is about to welcome in their new full time Q.B. Willy will win this game. And then what, once Durant becomes healthy and they can't even justify putting him in there, Controversy will be brewing in Sask. If it wasn't for the Bombers best Q.B. depth in the league :roll: :roll: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , (just ask Papa, Killer and Blueblood) I'm thinking Riders aren't far behind in that department. :lol: :lol:

Mistakes determine whether the Riders win or not. Win the turnover battle, and the win is possible!

Well, after 1 drive, this appears to be the Als strategy anyways...and they made it look like butter doing so.

Wow...undisciplined penalties...not good...
Something was said at half that made the D play...but what a whole they left them in after the first quarter. The O struggled, as expected, but some rought TOs late killed them. The Riders don't take a pile of penalties so to essentially lose largely because of them is fairly concerning.

Drew looked half decent but needed to throw some away. Some of the first down play calling was really sub par.

At least when it looked like it was going to be a run away the Riders made a game of it.

Did I miss something ?

Damn...why couldn't I prognosticate like this when I'm doing my football picks

D played great after first 2 drives.

O line struggled, Willy needed more time, which seems to be an ongoing problem here!
penalties killed us. Not sure why the guys played so undisaplined.

Willy did ok , made mistakes made some great plays. par for a young QB, hate to say it, but wish DD was at the controls for this one, but good experience for Willy, he is a keeper I'd say.

But we kept it close!! :rockin:

Willy has the makings of a great quarterback. Will need to address some of his tunnel vision though, and be a little quicker on his reads. Definitly needed some help from the rest of his team to not take selfish, undisciplined penalties.

Could not agree more, I hope he sticks around, lost way to many QB's before we had a chance to play them.

Touche. Thought he might bring a little more to the table than that. Just another 2nd string rookie who needs to figure it all out, as it turns out.

Pretty much as I expected, Drew is a keeper, solid for first start, i'm starting to question the offensive coordinator. He called some plays outta Drew's comfort zone and it cost us. What was with all the penalties, can you dig yourself your own grave and hit yourself over the head when your done digging. The ref's then buried us with that bad pass interference with 2 minutes left, although I doubt we would have came back. To many mistakes for Drew to overcome, unfortunatly I'd call it more a Rider loss than a Alouette victory. Also, coach needed to challenge that spot on 3rd down but wait you wasted it 2 minutes before, doh! Ref's missed that spot as well favoratism? Will finish the season 8-10 should make the playoffs, alot to build on, boy I'm loving Jock Sanders, nice to see some special teams yards, what great burst.

Willy had another pick that the refs ruled an incompletion (the Anderson catch in the first half). Wouldn't exactly say there was favoritism from the refs.

That was a close one, hard to tell from the replay if it was trapped or caught. Great play by Anderson nonetheless.

The Riders honked this.

They'll never get that kind of opportunity to beat the Als again. How many times do you see Jamel and SJ combine for 5 or 6 drops?

They HONKED that with dumb penalties and bad FGs.