Week 11

after beating MTL and a Toronto bye next week we will be in first place with 3 wins. LMAO

gotta love the east!

how are we feeling about the remaining games after watching this one?

vs Sask
vs EDM
vs BC
At Tor
VS Ott
at Tor
at Ott
vs Mtl

With the unbalance of east/west in 2014,I'm concerned that those last 5 games against the weak eastern opponents will set the stage for a deceptive win-loss record and another slaughter by the west in the Grey Cup.

What a very weird season 2014 is shaping up to be. Lottsa football to be played though.

im thinking as long as its not Sask in the GC when we make it to the show it'll be a close game. ok maybe Sask and Calgary. so any team not named Sask and Calgary in the GC and it'll be close.. ehh ok maybe EDM too :lol:

At MTL.....WIN.....3-6
vs SASK....lose.....3-7
vs EDM....WIN.....4-7
AT WNP...WIN.....5-7
vs BC......WIN.....6-7
AT TOR...lose.....6-8
vs OTT....WIN....7-8
AT TOR...WIN.....8-8
AT OTT....WIN....9-8
vs MTL....WIN...10-8

Cats go 8-2 the rest of the season,secure 1rst place in the East,and are the hottest team going down the stretch going
7-1 to close out the season on a 4 game Win streak.You heard it first,done deal,book it,it's going to happen :smiley: ............back to back 10 win seasons and a home date at the THF in the Eastern Final. :smiley: :slight_smile:
And oh yeah,I almost forgot.........A return to the Grey Cup game for the 2nd consecutive season !!! :rockin: :smiley: :cowboy:

ok bobo I like.

I'd like it more if the next 2 Tor games weren't in their home.

and Sask Edm Wpg can break us thankfully the arholes have an almost equally tough sched. (lol 2 bye's in 3 weeks smh)

Why would playing the Arghos in their stadium frighten the Ticats? It's almost like a home game for us, with Ticat fans out-cheering the actual home team fans.

And I'm thinking that they could win any or all of those remaining western team games. The Ticats were close to winning most of the western team games, they now have their starting QB and many of their players back from injury, and three of those remaining games are in Hamilton.

Don't look past Montreal. Yes they are in a hard spot right now and struggled with Ottawa, but SJ Green and Brandon London are two threats that give DBs and Safeties nightmares, and our offense still isn't where it needs to be.

I feel very good with our schedule now, it’s unfortunate that Zach got injured early in the season when he did by a very dirty head shot by Odell Willis of Edmonton but the Eskies do come here to play soon at Tim Horton’s Field soon and I hope Willis gets booed by both players and fans.

In regards to there upcoming games with Zach healthy again I think the opportunity is there to take full control of the East, our defence is playing great, they have held us in many games and kept in close, we could have Won every game against the West teams except for the first blowout against Regina but hey we get them soon as well at home and nothing would turn the heads of the Fans in west quicker if Hamilton was to win against Regina at Tim Horton’s Field.

The Labour Day Game yesterday was the start I believe in a turn around this season for the Cats and the remainder of the schedule will be more wins than losses.


TSN panel said the Cats are looking good at this point to be the potential frontrunners in the East. Have to agree.

frightens me, not the cats.

meh. if this teams doesn't beat MTL they should just call it a season.

Schultz has picked Montreal over Hamilton this week. According to him, "Hamilton has a more experienced and polished quarterback but Montreal has the better team" Seriously!

bumping this. didnt want to create a whole new thread.
according to my last post in this thread we should call it a season :oops:

hows the remainder of the season looking after the MTL loss.

i think we get to 6-12. four more wins but i have no idea who this team will get them over.

Figured since the boys totally blew that game against the Al's I might as well just re-quote myself and do an updated revised version of what MIGHT happen with the last half of the season.I've lowered my expectations a bit,but if this team can smarten up and stop playing silly bugger and close the bakeshop(turnovers)than looking at the final 9 games,realistically they can wind up at .500 for the season,reverse their 2-7 first half with a 7-2 second half and somehow salvage their season with a 9-9 W/L record for the season.But on the other hand they could wind up at..........???????????? the way this season has gone. Anyway best as I can tell....best case scenario....9-9 and the worst case scenario 7-11 or 6-12,either way we make the play-offs somehow in a season that has to go down as the WORST in CFL history in the Eastern Conference. :o :slight_smile:

  • Outcome could go either way,subject to change :roll: :wink:stay tuned for further developments :? :cowboy:

lol. thanks BOBO. im going to hold off on any and all predictions from here on out. i seem to be a jinx