Week 11 Unofficial Power Rankings

1. Winnipeg

It would suck to be this good all year and not win the Grey Cup.

2. Toronto

Bye week, still leading the East.

3. Calgary

This team may be back. Don't look now but hosting a playoff game is definitely in the cards.

4. Montreal

Shiltz looked good, but with Trevor Harris coming in did Montreal just become the favourites in the East?

5. Saskatchewan

Bye week, and guess who's next? Calgary.

6. BC

Was never really in it against Calgary. Lots of talent on the offensive side of the ball but clearly the 4th best in the West right now.

7. Hamilton

If they don't figure it out starting next week with Ottawa, they're not only not going to host a playoff game, but they may be the victim of a crossover.

8. Ottawa

Same old story really. They put some points up against Montreal and kept it close for a bit.

9. Edmonton

Jamie Elizondo acted fast. And I believe it was his decision to bench and indirectly trade Trevor Harris..they're in full blown rebuild mode


Can relate to comment on Bombers...yes it sucked to lead the whole year in 2019- only to get blown out in GC.

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You see what I did there?

Of course I saw it...it's YOU.

(Didn't want to disappoint you)

I'd flip MTL and SSK in your rankings but otherwise pretty spot on.

Oh you clever ranker you.

My Bombers get blown out in the 2021 GC by some team in the East that pulls it all together at the last possible moment... Hamilton gets its revenge... or maybe we get offed by the crossover team... Saskatchewan?! They've got a knife!! No! No!! AUUUUUGHHH!!! :grimacing:

Why did I get the impression that you really wanted to type a "w" in place of that "r" on the 4th word?

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