Week 11 - Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg

Huge game....the season series is already decided, but the Bombers need this in a bad way. The Riders are 2 points up with a game in hand and the season series...so they are essentially 4 points up (Bombers need more wins to get ahead of them at this point) + 1 game more to play. IF the Riders can pull this out that is 6 points / 3 games with what would be 7 games remaining for them...8 for the Riders....basically meaning the Riders would need to go 500 down the stretch and the Bombers win out to get ahead of them.

Yeah, the Lions have the season series, but are also 4 points back....pretty good spot to be in.

I still think the road to the West rep in the GC goes through Calgary.

Dressler will be closer to CFL game shape by this one, and Chick was held statless less week...2 players to really watch IMO.

Chicks stats will take a hit now that he is double teamed. Dressier had one true practice, so in 2 weeks LOOK OUT!!!!

CalgRy needs to be taken down a notch. As usual they are self inflating themselves. If our Offense starts to click, we will push them for top spot. Need to win the season series against cowtown.

First off Calgary is as good as advertised. 2nd, Riders don't play Calgary for another month so deal with them then. Don't look past Winnipeg. This is a very tough opponent in a hostile environment this week. Put the Stamps on the brain and the Bombers WILL win.

yes no sense thinking about the Stamps. Heck Stamp's fans think enough about them all ready :smiley:. I agree though that most likely the stamps will be the ones to beat down the road. Although maybe getting the cross over is the way to go and take your chances with maybe Hamilton or Toronto. Speaking about getting ahead of ourselves can you imagine a Stamp's -Riders Grey cup game in BC ? Lol the ultimate delight it would be to take them out in that and b***h slap them and their fans all in one shot. Yeepie ki ay as Bruce would say. :cowboy:

Never look past the next game I totally agree.

Did you see the motorcycle act the Elaine did for Calgary. Followed by the barrel roll Edmonton is doing? Calgary shoes this crap acting year after year, and yet can't figure out why they lose in the playoffs or why they are hated so much across they league. Show boating never works. Can't wait to wipe their smug looks off their faces.

One of the toughest games of the year, historically we don't do well in the Peg even with good teams. Would be nice to pull out a win but it will be a tough one.

Will be a tough game. We've beaten them twice in 4 weeks. Theis fans will make this even tougher.

Is Bartel active after his injured leg...........or is he doubtful?

Injuries are starting to pile up and we are struggling on punt cover. This needs to be shored up. We're giving away points on punts and sooner than later that will cost us a win.

Stamps are class of west right now. Really interested to see if they go into Edmonton and sweep them? There offense is really good and too many options to defend..........but the defense is really good too???

Hate to say it but the road to the grey cup is paved by finishing 4th and crossing over? You have two eastern road games back to back but none of the east teams are close to western teams! Last 7-8 weeks coming on the western teams are head to head a lot!!!!! Huge games.

Take care of the next game. prepare for W'peg, get in there and grind out a win. Ignore the fact you're 2-0 on the season series. Huge week ahead and a tough match.


Hate to say it but the road to the grey cup is paved by finishing 4th and crossing over? You have two eastern road games back to back but none of the east teams are close to western teams! Last 7-8 weeks coming on the western teams are head to head a lot!!! Huge games.


I have often though about whether finishing fourth in the West may be advantageous as well… But in reality, I think it is too risky. The way western teams have been playing, you could finish second or fifth with how tight the race has been. And injuries are mounting up to so you never know week to week how depth can be impacted.

I know its cliche, but I think teams just have to take the mentality to win every game, one at a time. The saying is “If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best!” If the Road goes through Calgary, Edmonton, or wherever, the Riders just need to win. That simple

Listening to interviews and sounds like Getzlaf is out this week! WTF? Does anyone know what happened? Did he hurt it at practice this week. Sounds like Pierzchalski is going to have to step in there.

The Riders have so many injuries at the "National" position right now... They are testament to the fact that you cannot have enough depth at National position.

Sounds like Weldon Brown is coming back. And sounds like Macho Harris will move to linebacker this week. And rumors out of Winnipeg has them with some key injuries as well. Line backer Ian Wild (who is also their long snapper) is out. And I have not heard anything about Grigsby...

Drew Willy is good to go. His Ankle issue last week on the Foley sack, apparently seems minor

Well, I talked to Willy a fair bit after the game and he seemed to think he would be alright at that time as well, but yeah, both teams have injuries mad.

The claim is that Getz was dinged up in practice, but IMO (only my specualtion) he is still hurting from the off-season issue. even after return, he has been missing a step and it seems to be distracting him at times.

Getz is listed on tomorrow's depth charts as playing.

yeah...that is great to see for sure. I still think it is a game-time decision and he could be out this week. Alex Pierzchalski was taking some extra reps, and they have extra Nationals dressed this week....Cronk and Webster

I see Cronk is listed in there as FB (special teamer I assume)...so that is cool. Webster also brout in for ration insurance...they were way too tight last week.

Marvin Burdette is listed behind Kilgore....wasn't sure if he would make it off the PR this season or not. Likely only ST action, but I would like to see him play at some point this season. He is a beast.

Interestingly, Peters is listed as the long snapper, cronk the backup. Vonk is a long snapper, meaning most likely either he or Getz sits.

Milo is pulling double duties, which definately gives them a little wiggle room on the depth chart...hopefully with his experience this does not throw him off like it did in the past...maybe we will see Swain punting at some point

I don't think his kicking can get much worse than it has this season already. The only kicker with a worse percentage is Maher in Ottawa and it's his first year behind a ragtag team.

We get it...you don't like him

He has missed 1 inside 40 and beaks the mid-pack for beyond 40...he has simply attempted more than most from there...he's fine.

Inside the 40: 13/14...nothing wrong with that.
outside the 40: 63.6%...a little low, but not exactly horrid.
Who is ahead of him percentage wise outside the 40?
Paul McCallum at 85.7%
Lirim Hajrullahu at 100%
Swayze Waters at 76.9%
that's it

Fact is that 44% of his attempts have been outside the 40, and THAT is what pushes his average down...the rest of the league averages 32% attempts outside of the 40...take out the 3 teams that are attempting twice as many as the rest of the league and the remaining teams are only attempting 26%

Again...he is doing fine.

We get it, your a blind fanboy of his who refuses to see that there are better options available out there (and almost certainly more consistent options especially after the NFL cuts.) Inside the 40 he is at 75% outside the 40 he is at 72.7 % (official CFL stats for this season taken right from the game notes). Broken down even further, 29 and under he is at 100%, 30-39 he drops drastically to 55.6%, and 40-49 he is at 72.7%.

blind fanboy? Riiiiiiiight...I simply see the stats for what they are.
75% inside the 40? Like I said...13/14....do the math. That alone proves your "this season" stats as incorrect.

he is 6/6 <20 (100%), 1/2 from the 20-29 (50%), 6/6 from the 30-39 (100%), 7/10 from the 40-49 (70%) and 0/1 from 50+ this season.

fanboy? no. Blind? Clearly not...I can read this season's stats very well...you should re-read this seasons stats because you read something else or something wrong.

Ya you are blind as you cannot read what is put right out there.


Milo hasn’t even had a 50 yard attempt this season. Feel free to remove the foot from your mouth. Official CFL stats.

Also, you might want to check your math. 6+2+6+10+1 doesn’t even total 27 attempts.

Doesn't have 27 attempts??? not according to CFL stats page, nor TSN, nor ESPN nor any other source, or heck, the little "27" in the image you have shared...bottom left corner...your image, not mine...so who was blind? lol

I also distinctly remembered the 52 yard attempt (though I did think it was 51 for some reason). It was the first game against the Bombers, 2nd quarter.

And yeah, sorry, but Mr X's stats pretty much suck, so I don't generally look at them nor put much faith in them, and don't think a lot of people do. It has been discussed several times on the forum. The fact it doesn't show the 50+ yard attempt strongly strongly supports that statement. I generally look at TSN's which are far less diverse, but way way more accurate and taken directly from the game log as the game goes on...Mr X's are compiled after all of the week's games are completed.

Add together your attempts. 6+2+6+10+1 doesn't equal 27. It's 25. Basic math dude.