Week 11 Power Rankings

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Toronto
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton
  1. BC
  2. Montreal
  3. Toronto
  4. Calgary
  5. Edmonton
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Hamilton
  8. Winnipeg

My Rankings

  1. BC - Seems pretty obvious.
  2. Montreal - They can't beat BC in Vancouver, but they can hang with anyone else in the league.
  3. Calgary - What a blessing having a veteran backup has turned out to be.
  4. Toronto - I'm still not sold on them against the top tier teams, but I'm seeing improvement and they're in a great position to make a run for a home playoff game.
  5. Edmonton - Until they become more of a scoring threat they won't be moving up a whole lot.
  6. Saskatchewan - Now it's time to beat someone that isn't Winnipeg.
  7. Hamilton - I'm having a hard time deciding if Hamilton or Winnipeg belong at the bottom, but Hamilton is at home vs Edmonton this week and Winnipeg is on the road vs Calgary. So I'm using that as my completely arbitrary tiebreaker.
  8. Winnipeg - The good news is that the players showed up last week. The bad news is penalties, lack of offense in the red zone, and poor play calling in all phases of the game. Despite that, I think this team showed that they have more room for improvement then Hamilton does.


Blue Bombers

I'll give this a try:

BC- Top team, not arguments.

MTL- A close second, but many teams right on their heels.

CAL- Which Glen will show up this week? When he is on he is a good QB, when he is off its kind of scary.

TOR- Interchangeable with Sask. Kackert is looking good.

Sask- Could be either place. Willy looks impressive, DD is still our man though.

EDM- Three straight losses, need a big win this week.

HAM- WOW, for a team with as many offensive threats, not doing good. Without Williams I'm not sure they win many games.

WIN- Wierd, WIN can't win, even if they have a point lead with 30 seconds left in field goal range with the wind at their backs....

I'm curious as to why people are ranking Montreal so high. They have lost big to BC and Calgary, and were beaten by Toronto. Not to mention they have allowed 37 more points then what they have scored.

The Calgary loss was back in Week 1 and the loss to the Argos was in Week 5; we're in Week 11. Montreal got beat by the best team in the league in a stadium they haven't won in since 2000. I see no reason to knock them from the second spot. If they lose to Saskatchewan at home this week, different story. But right now Montreal is a pretty solid team.

1 - BC
2 - Montreal
3 - Calgary
4 - Toronto
5 - Edmonton
6 - Saskatchewan
7 - Hamilton
8 - Winnipeg

Calgary and Toronto was a toss up for me, and so was Hamilton and Winnipeg.

Because aside from BC (consistently good) and Winnipeg & Hamilton (consistently bad), a lot of teams aren't showing consistency. Montreal has generally been pretty good, losing to someone in week 1 doesn't really matter at this point. If they played now, I think Montreal would beat Calgary, hence the ranking.

  1. BC
  2. Montreal
  3. Toronto
  4. Calgary
  5. Edmonton
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Hamilton
  8. Winnipeg

How can you say hav "generally been pretty good"? Again they have allowed 37 more points than what they have scored.

If points for and against is the only criteria you're using, then Saskatchewan should be in 2nd place. One blowout victory does not make Saskatchewan a great team. Likewise, one blowout loss does not make Montreal a bad team.

Montreal has played consistently, and besides last game (which was against the best team in the league on their turf), Montreal has steadily been getting better. Between Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, you could come up with a number of reasons why any of them should be the best among the three. To consider it outrageous that someone would put Montreal in second place is just silly, in my opinion.

  1. (2) BC - #2 last week and beat #1
  2. (1) Montreal - see above
    Exact same thing I posted last week except I swapped the teams. More to do with the beat down this week.
  3. (4) Toronto - best of the rest
  4. (5) Calgary - 3 solid wins and back to back against provincial rivals
  5. (3) Edmonton - back to back losses but both tight games
  6. (7) Saskatchewan - handed the win by Burke but they did a lot of good things to be in position to accept the gift
  7. (6) Hamilton - like I said last week "continue to stay in the locker room at the half, hey guys there is a second half too"
  8. (8) Winnipeg - I think we can lock this one for the rest of the season (another repeat statement)

Out of Montreal's 4 loses, they have been blown out in 3 of them. Dont give me "it was one bad game". Yes they strung together a little winning streak, but outside of Winnipeg so has everybody else in the league AND havent been blown out in as many games as Montreal. Montreal hasnt blown very many teams out this season, but rather the majority of their wins have come in tight ball games.

The only other game Montreal lost that I would consider a blowout was against Calgary in Week 1, unless you have a very loose definition of what a blowout was. And power rankings work on a per-week basis. Sure, each team had a winning streak; that's why, in Week 3, a lot of people were putting Saskatchewan as the #1 team. Well, news flash, it's not Week 3, it's Week 11. Montreal was on a winning streak before losing to B.C., so they're a hot team right now. That should be reflected in the power rankings.

And as for "tight ball games", the large majority of games have been tight ball games. Very few games this year have actually been blowouts. If you hold the tight games against Montreal, you have to hold them against Toronto and Calgary, too. Calgary only barely beat Edmonton twice. What do you make of that?

Seriously, this is purely your opinion, and you're trying to rationalize it with little bits and pieces here and there, without looking at the whole picture. I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, but if you think that anyone who puts Montreal higher than you do is wrong, then you really don't understand what power rankings are all about. :expressionless:

They lost to Hamilton by 15. Not exactly a close game. And if we are going week by week, Montreal just got handled by BC this past week worse than any other team in the league. Add to that that despite the fact they have a winning record they still have allowed way more points then what they have scored and that is why I dont think Montreal should be ranked higher than Calgary or Toronto at this time.

Its hard to win a home and home against any football team, even if they arent the BC Lions. Thats why Toronto and Calgary are better than Montreal. Also, Toronto would finish first in the east if the playoffs were to start today.

I feel people respect the name Montreal Alouettes rather than looking at the whole picture.

works for me :thup:

Toronto has been inconsistent as hell, though. One week they’re playing well against a good team, the next week they’re sucking against a bad team. Now they’ve beaten Hamilton a couple of times, but they need to do it consistently to be a top tier team. They play BC this week and if that goes well, then they’ll definitely deserve another look.