Week 11 Power Rankings

Post your power rankings for week 11 in this thread.

[ol]- Saskatchewan (last week 3): What can you say after yesterday’s annihilation of the Bombers? The team is executing in all phases of the game.

  • Calgary (last week 2): Defense continues to be inconsistent.
  • Montreal (last week 1): Offense has become stale and predictable. Team needs more focus heading into the back half of the season.
  • Hamilton (last week 5): Who predicted a .500 record at this point in the season? I know I sure didn’t.
  • Edmonton (last week 4): The Esks can score. They just can’t stop anybody else from scoring.
  • B.C. (last week 6): Jackson isn’t terribly effective when he can’t throw deep every other play.
  • Toronto (last week 8 ): A much-needed home win gives the Boatmen some signs of life.
  • Winnipeg (last week 7): The team has quit on Kelly.[/ol]
  1. Montreal (last week 1): Calvillo is still the best quarterback in the league.
  2. Saskatchewan (last week 3): Starting to run on all cylinders as long as they don’t run out steam
  3. Calgary (last week 2): Shouldn’t have to rely on Last minute heroics by Burris.
  4. Edmonton (last week 4): Defence has to play the full 60 minutes.
  5. B.C. (last week 6): Must be driving Wally crazy….
  6. Hamilton (last week 5): Should have had an easy time with the argos…..
  7. Toronto (last week 8 ): Not much of a victory but a victory none the less.
  8. Winnipeg (last week 7): reminds me of the rider’s early 80’s team when they were beat by the bombers a gazillion to none time and time again. Shoe is on the other foot…..

I tabulated my power rankings after Week 11, but forgot to post them.

1.[1]Montreal. Another win keeps them in top spot.
2.[3]Saskatchewan. Huge win over the Bombers to complete the Labour Day sweep.
3.[5]Calgary. Labour Day sweep of the Esks bumps them up two spots.
4.[2]Hamilton. Lost on the road in OT, but any loss to the Argos is something to be embarrassed about.
5.[4]Edmonton. Two losses to the Stamps drops them down a notch.
6.[6]B.C. Led against the Als until the final minute, but couldn't pull it out at the end.
7.[8]Toronto. Beat Hamilton in OT to dig their way out of the basement.
8.[7]Winnipeg. That 55-10 humiliation at the hands of the 'Riders drops them to the cellar.