Week 11 Power Rankings

Heres the break down as I see it.
All can agree or disagree as need be.

1- B.C. Lions (9-0) I don't see much arguement here as this the only team not to lose. With the bye week they are healthy again and looking to put up more big numbers.

2- Edmonton Eskimos (7-3) Labour day went as in usually does. Hard fought game that could go either way. A very good defense, talented recievers and a good QB. Still looking to find a ground game and more O-line protection.

3- Toronto Argos (6-4) A loss to the rivals of Steel town but they showed that they are still good enough to be top three. Offensively they minimize mistakes and defensively they disguise very well.

4- Montreal Alouettes (5-5) How the Als get the groove back? Defense played great on friday and and the offense is still very stong. Can they do this again and again? Most likely.

5- Calgary Stampeders (4-6) Playing hard and just losing means that they are finding a groove. Will be a team to watch out for this firday and the next 7 weeks after that.

6- Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-6) They have found their identity again. They run and defend. But can they keep doing it. We will find out in Winnipeg.

7- Ottawa Renegades (5-5) Questions of how to protect Joseph are showing up. It is hard to win with you best players on the turf. Let's see how they fare vs. BC.

8- Hamilton Tiger Cats (2-8) Two wins back to back put some roar back into the Tabbies. This team is now making the plays they were not before. Great finish in Hamilton monday but now they get to go up the QEW to see the Argos again.

9- Winnipeg Blue Bombers (3-8) Two loses in a row and still trying to find a level of consisent play. They can still surprise some teams if they aren't careful.

.....can't argue with that, pretty honest assessment by my reckoning......

I would have to agree with that, up to this point in the season!

No issues here - good assessment.

Seems good to me. Sucks that the Bombers are LAST...but that's what happens when you lose TWO must win games and your defence craps the bed by giving up 40+ points.

As far as the won , loss record is concerned.......YES...........but EDMONTON , has yet to beat.... B.C. , and the ARGOS.It is a good thing that these things mean nothing.

It will be interesting to see what they are if , CALGARY and TORONTO wins this week.

i disagree with this....should be:

Toronto ( went to commonwealth and beat edmonton )
Edmonton ( almost blew a 19 point lead )
Ottawa ( beat calgary and sask.)
Saskatchewan ( looked good in last 2 games )
Calgary ( lost 3 of last 4 games )
Hamilton ( won 2 straight )
Winnipeg ( lost 2 in a row )

I second that.

Pfff... you people really don't know what you are talking about.

Here are the real power rankings :twisted: :

  1. Montreal Alouettes
  2. Nobody cares
  3. Etc... till number 9.

And you call yourselves experts :?: :smiley:

Everybody knows the Als are the best. Didn't you listen to the song on the Als webiste?

Ottawa - Sask - Calgary you could rotate any of the positions and still be right
Argonuts second over Edm? after just losing to a 1-8 team? Nahh 3rd spot

EDMONTON........have yet to beat the ARGOS or a over .500 team , when they played them.


Looks like me and Jim Lang are seeing the same thing.
And Scott Cullen is more in agreement with drumming_god
and as for 514MTL.... give your head a good shake and get back to us.

The Sportsnet guy doesn't know how to deal with power rankings anyways. Last week, he put the Alouettes in 8th place behind the Blue Bombers. And he now ranks Montreal fourth. How can a team jump four ranks in one week for beating one middle-of-the-pack opponent?

Both of those guys don't know CFL , football.

SCOTT, is an NFL person who lives in , NEW YORK.........just read his comment about the games. :lol:

EDMONTON , have yet to beat a .500 + team and the ARGOS beat them in EDMONTON.

Montreal , ahead of OTTAWA? Either the win/loss record matters or it doesn't..........what a joke. :lol:

I will be interesting to read what they write if CALGARY and TORONTO wins.


Dude. Montreal deserves to be ahead of Ottawa.

Both teams have a 5-5- record and the serie between the two is tied at 1-1. Since power rankings have to be based on recent history (otherwise they wouldn't evolve through the season), Montreal gets the upper-hand.

  1. Ottawa's last victory happened on August 11th (we're September 7, so that makes it about a month drough).

  2. Ottawa was also blasted by over 20 points in their last two outings.

  3. Montreal won the last encounter between the two.

  4. Montreal upgraded its record to .500, whereas Ottawa dropped to .500.

  5. Montreal dominates more offensive and defensive categories than Ottawa.

it all means nothing.........and OTTAWA fans might disagree with you.

I just think that EDMONTON is over rated.....and I am not the only one.

isn't this yours? :wink:

Look, don't reject your thoughts on Ottawa fans. You laughed while saying Montreal shouldn't be ahead of Ottawa. I gave you five reasons why I believe Montreal deserves to be ahead, and you put up no argument to back your thoughts.

Saying my arguments mean nothing is a bit weak then, don't you think?

And just out of curiosity, what would Ottawa fans disagree with in my post? That Ottawa hasn't won since August 11th? That Ottawa lost by over 20 points in their last two outings? That Ottawa lost their last meeting with Montreal? That Montreal is on the way up while Ottawa is on the way down in the standings? Or that Montreal dominates more offensive and categories than Ottawa?

As you can see, these are no reflection of anyone's opinion. Just facts. If you think you can prove these wrong, go ahead and be my guest.

Yes it is. And your point being?....

RELAX.........I was talking about the power rankings and the people who write them, [not you]...............Which I did several times in this thread.

:wink: :D