Week 11- Labour Day!

Before looking at the Labour Day Weekend match ups let's look at the Bye team.
The REDBLACKS mid season record stands at 5-4. One game above .500 and only one game behind the leaders in the East. Congrats to Ottawa on a successful first half.
Lions @ Montreal. Would have to think the Als at home, regardless who's at quarterback, should beat the toothless Lions who have shown no consistency whatsoever in their first half.
Bummers @ 'riders. I really like to see O'Shea and his Bummers get beat so I'm picking the ROUGHriders to take this one for their new coach. Whoever that might be. I can't see Chamblin making it to week 11. Is this the Banjo Bowl or is that week 12?
Argos@ YOUR HAMILTON TIGER-CATS. I see us bouncing back regaining form and focus and handing the Argos their a**es on a platter!
Finally the Western Leaders. They're @ home so I'll go with Calgary.
Really looking forward to Monday and getting the coals hot and the beer cold.
Have a safe and happy Labour Day everyone and let's get this second half started! :slight_smile: :thup:

I agree with you on Chamberlin not making it to week 11. I'm thinking his replacement will be Mike Benevides or Paul LaPolice.

:thup: And you as well sir.

Cant disagree with anything you have posted. Other than 'congrats to the Ottawa BUMCRACKS for a successful first half' not because they havent been successful but id rather not give them any credit. At all!

TiCats hosting Arblows will be a fantastic game!

EDM @ CGY will be great.

BC @ MTL , meh

WPG @ SSK just might go down as the worst game in CFL history.

Last week was disappointing, but its in the past and it just means that the Argos can't hold the first win at THF card.

Really looking forward to Monday!

Hey, if they each play the way they did this past weekend, you may very well turn out to be correct.

It may rival what to now has been, in my opinion, the worst game, which was a Bart Andrus coached Blue Team game against a Mike Kelly coached Winnipeg team a few seasons back. . . man that was dreadful.

Monday's forecast is partly cloudy and 29C - Perfect Labour Day weather!

Bring it on - Always the highlight of the season!

Pestilence fighting Famine, that's for sure.

Don't remember the actual TO/Winnipeg game but I DO remember that BOTH Andrus and Kelly were REALLY AWFUL! :oops: :oops: :lol:

Looking for the Ticats to get back on track x2, expect Calgary to win but maybe not by much, BC will really have to step up their game it they want to take the Larks (not likely).
As for the Saskatchewan/Winnipeg game - coaching MIGHT make the difference and while he hasn't been all that great, O'Sh is probably better than CC - at this point - should he survive the week. If he doesn't then it will really depend on who takes over but I don't think there will be any "fast miracle answers" for the greenies.

First Match up tonight. I'll be pulling for BC but can't see the Als letting this one getting away the way the Lions have been consistently inconsistent. Is Cato starting?

I'm with you - pulling for the left coast cats but not expecting them to be puling out and chewing on too many feathers. I'll be wrong on my pick if they DO manage to pull off the upset (must be time for the birdies to be on the other side of an upset) but I won't mind AT ALL! GO LIONS!

"Marsh Madness" is starting - Cato was still away on "family business" although apparently he might see the field if he does make it back by game time.

No flyovers so far this season? CWH ? Would be nice to bring back some flare to the CLASSIC! Parachute jumpers and CF-18's or how about the mighty roar of Vera and the music of her engines !

Bob cut a cheque for CWH for Some fuel and make a phone call $$$!!!

The CNE Airshow is going on at the same time so there could be a chance that someone does a flypast.

All I am trying to say what ever happend to the Classic entertainment factor of this big event the WOW factor !!! Bob used to say it's not just about football?! like Parachute jumpers landing on the field and a F 18 flyover after the national Anthem !

Maybe Martin Short will be here?!

PS : we need to start the first WAVE at THF !!!and loop it at least once!!! :rockin:

Lets Get It Done!!!


It's obvious that it really does matter who is at QB, the Als without a decent QB were terrible, you can take a better team like the Als with a better offense and without a QB looked toothless. It's the same with the Riders without Durant, Bombers without Willey.

I can probably see the Riders winning at home with Smith and the Bombers not doing much with Brohm at QB.
Calgary at home over the Esks.
Ticats at home over the Argos.

Right on Slim, quarterbacking was a humongous factor in this game. I thought the Als may be able to pick up the slack on offence with the defence and special teams play. However the 5 INT.s and 1 fumble by Marsh gave the other two teams little opportunity to carry the night.
At the risk of going 0'fer 2 this weekend I'll stick with the 'riders picking up win # 1 this weekend against Winnipeg. Actually the only prediction I care about is the Ti-Cats game Monday. With my record maybe I should pick the Argos and put the jinx on them.
Have a good weekend and OSKEE! :thup:

Great flypast at the Jays game today over the Rogers Centre

I like this flyover for THF on Labour Day! :rockin:

Ballard Cup is on the Line on Monday!!!