Week 11(+ Labour Day) TV: Averages 615,000 Per Game

The numbers are in and just like all year, it has ben up and down just like a toilet seat.
Surprisingly the Labour Day games were down by about 150,000 per game from last year.
Meanwhile, the most watched game this past Sunday while up against the NFL was no contests as the Sask-Win game smoked the NFL best game and that was the night game in prime time by over 300,000 viewers.
It was so bad for the Blue Jays game Sunday afternoon that they are not even registed in figures by Nielsen.

Labour Day: Mon - Ham 523,000
Edm - Cal 726,000 By Comparison MLB: Bost - Tor 523,000

Friday: Cal - Edm 727,000 By Comparison MLB: Balt - Tor 507,000
Saturday: Tor - BC 521,000 Balt - Tor 507,000
Sunday: Ham - Mon 356,000 Balt - Tor Not Registered
Sask - Win 837,000 By Compariso NFL Highest Game: NY - SD 506,000

Average: Per Game 615,000

You can add 250,000 to the Montreal games from RDS.
Alouette games on tSN always have lower numbers because of it.

Ho hum, just another week in the CFL world... Nice numbers as usual and thank Tom for posting them. I saw the numbers, but didn't go through the trouble of posting them as well as showing the comparison between other leagues. Well done :thup:

Just one thing I wish people would bash the CFL would actually get some facts before spewing out that the NFL outdraws the CFL, it's almost never true! But that's asking too much..

I don't get those baseball numbers for the Blue Jays.
There's nobody at the Rogers center watching them.
Where is their viewership coming from?

Me thinks its the seniors homes in and around Toronto.

But I doubt they have much of a following outside of the GTA,
Still half a million for a team that is going nowhere is surprising.

I don't get it either.
No one outside the Toronto area likes baseball do they?

Well, I haven't polled everybody personally, but if you base it on apparel, lots of people like baseball outside of Toronto. I see people wearing Blue Jays stuff all the time (and I'm not in Toronto much).

I live in London, 100 miles from Toronto, and I don't see anybody wearing Blue Jays stuff.

Considering Toronto and area has over 4 million people, I'd bet 90% of all Blue Jays numbers come from Toronot.
The other 50 to 100,000 or so from the rest of the coutnry.

I'm in New Brunswick, 1400km from Toronto, and I see Jays stuff fairly frequently. The Jays are popular anywhere that baseball is popular.

I live 100 miles from Toronto, and I don't know anybody who watches baseball anymore.

A lot of people were baseball stuff just for fashion purposes. It’s considered hit to wear New Era flat brimmed baseball caps even though baseball is the least hip of the sports. Anyways, in my estimation a lot of people who wear baseball merchandise aren’t necessarily baseball fans.

Since they're getting half a million people to watch it, someone must be a baseball fan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I never said otherwise. Baseball is still relevant and has it's fans.
I'm just saying most of the young people wearing baseball caps aren't doing it because they're fans of a particular team.

It's cool to wear a MLB fan, mind you they all look like clones with the MLB logo at the back and not unique other than the team logos just because so many people wear MLB hats. CFL hats are much, much less worn and looks cooler to me because you don't see as many people wearing them. You stand out more which I like.

I wear my Toronto Argonaut cap whenever I'm walking around outside and I have a spare Argo cap prominently on display in the rear window of my car. Go Argos Go !!
David :rockin:

No one outside Toronto likes Toronto !! :smiley:

Most of the people who wear MLB gear, but aren't MLB fans, are usually wearing Yankees gear. Occasionally Red Sox, but mostly NYY.

Those who wear Jays gear, I would guess, are generally Jays fans. I used to love baseball, and even got a paycheque to play it at the minor-league level, but all the steroids and crap have just turned me off. I couldn't really be bothered anymore.

For the record, here on the west coast, there are way more Mariners fans than there are Jays fans.

Personally, I'll always watch football of any stripe ahead of baseball, and 99% of the time I will watch CFL over NFL, though I do enjoy both forms of pigskin.

I live in San Leandro, 4100k from Toronto, and just yesterday I saw somebody wearing a TORONTO jersey. I often see Jays fans on game days near the ball park. :smiley:

What I find worst then baseball is the writers who cover the Blue JAYS.
These guys are nothing more then Rogers PR men.
Doesn't matter how awful the Jays are, they always promote the Rogers line of building for the future.
One guy in the STar writes that the Jays have a chance to win it all next year?
Can you imagine that?
All these guys are missing is the short skirts and the pom poms.
Too bad the CFL doesn't get the pumping that baseball does in our media.

The only time that I ever watch baseball is during the world series ( ussualy only a game or two ) and the LLWS. The only other time is when I went to chicago ( last may ) for a study tour with school ( sox and cubs game ) but you cant go to Chicago and not go to a baseball game. They both lost :lol: but we did get to see the no-hitter at the sox's game ( first MLB game in person ).

I also have lots of sports attire of team that I am not really fans of. I buy it for souviners of places I have been to or because I liked the way it look's

the only time I ever chose to watch baseball was when Bo Jackson was playing. Otherwise, ya couldnt pay me to do so.