Week 11 fines

Brunson fined for high hit on Williams? For which hit? The dog pile or the chest to chest which i think they might have heard back in BC?

Anthony Lanier II has been fined for late and unnecessary contact on BC Lions quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. This is a bit much if it’s for that minor shove downfield after Adams Jr. tossed the pick. Maybe has to buy him a beer next time the meet up?

What about the Eskimo guy, did he get fined for hitting collaros

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It looks like Michael Ball has raised some money from Rider Nation to cover the fine.


Bogus fine anyways, where is rider management. Do they ever stick up for the team against the league. What about Campbell running onto the field at the end of the game, he had no challenges left, why isn’t the league fining him.?

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What makes.this so bizarre is the near complete lack.of accountability and this same measure after the first lions and rider game.

The inconsistent and bizzare standards.f the command center have become almost comical.in how bad the state of leauge officiating

Yes, so they may as well get rid of it and let the refs ref the game, it appears , that’s what there doing anyways,

Yup, $650, and Brunson donated it to KidSport :+1:

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