Week 11 Attendance Figures

Hi all... I decided to make a new thread since the other one was getting bogged down with the images... and I thought people with slower connections might not be too happy about that...

So in any case, here are the week 11 attendance figures...

The most revieling thing I see on these charts is that Labour Day is just a normal week... It wasn't that long ago that the chart would have spiked substancially for labour day... Now it is actually probablly in the bottom half!!

It's important to note that the Classics this year were hosted by the following teams: Saskatchewan (capacity 30,945), Montreal (capacity 20, 202), Calgary (capacity 35,000+), and Hamilton (capacity around 30,000). (I can't see the images right now)

So it's not possible for the attendance figures to spike; however, the capacity percentage figures did spike as Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Montreal all sold out their games, and Hamilton sold upwards of 25,000 tickets.

Sometimes you have to analyse the reason why it may be lower than expected and not just look straight across at the results.