Week 10 VS Winnipeg

I hear people say this could be a trap game and while I agree I think the Banjo Bowl is more a trap game as its in WPG and Boltus could be starting for them at this point and we'll have little to no film on him. This game I think we really play of the energy of the crowd and have a big game.
Prediction: 44-18 Riders.

I really hope they make this a statement game (as much as beating the Bombers can be) and put it away early. The play in the last 3 weeks hasn't been up to the early standards we set, so let's hope they get back to that.

well...even in their hands down worst game of the year, the managed to beat the team that beat the Lions 5 days later, and their game against the Esks was far from a bad outing...the Esks played very well....the Stamps trampled them though.

Play error free football & Riders win. Keep it simple.

Bombers 7-1 1st overall
Riders 1-7 just fired coach
LD: 27-7 Riders
BB: 45-23 Riders

Riders 7-1 1st overall
Bombers 1-7 just fired GM
LD: ?
BB: ?

I still say Riders hand it to them, but this makes me SLIGHTLY nervous. :S

It's not a bad thing to put in the players minds, but I think the situations are completely different. Back in 2011, we were still a team coming off back to back Grey Cup appearances, with Durant at QB and they were fired up for Ken Millers return. The Bombers are coming off a 6 win season, with a terrible head coach and no QB. They still have a decent defense though.

? :thup: the only real similarities are the swapped records.

If the Riders come to play this will be a lop sided game, Bombers are struggling big time, but like I said in another post, they have a solid D with top on the sack list. Will be interesting to see how our O line handles them. If DD can be all he can be, it will be a high score on our side. The banjo bowl may be a lot closer, with us winning it also.

37-12 Riders

Prairiedog.........well done on the history.

As I sit............yes our 2011 teams brings memories back. Bad memories. A coach that had zero answers and stated so publicly.

The difference this year...........Bombers have cleaned house as of 2-3 weeks a go. I cannot see them getting rid of Burke. During off season they will find a permanent GM who will likely let burke go and start over again.

That said........Rider s need to approach this one just like the others.

Dominate line
run the ball and own the clock
gain field position dominance with jock (who should be back from injury)
Eliminate Bomber running game and tackle
Pressure and create turnovers

Our team is very predictable. Make the bombers play up to our level............much lkike the esks did last week. If the Bombers can box with us, good on them.............if they can;t............then beat them by 40, get alot of backups some good reps and everyone gets a good sweat on.

I think the big difference was in 2011 we all expected the Riders to turn their season around at some point and at least make the playoffs. Of course that didnt happen, but their team on paper was way better then their record indicated. The Bombers, unless something drastic happens in the offseason, are still at least 1 more season away from being decent. Of course any team can be beaten on any given day, but the circumstances are completely different then in 2011.

I have 2 predominant concerns:

  • I have seen Clark looking back at a play being made after his man got past him on multiple occasions the past few games
  • Several punts have been withing inches of being blocked this season. Teams are zoning in on this and applying pressure. ST needs to address this...problem is it sacrifices the amazing down field coverage if they do.

I see Bagg looks to be starting...great to see!

Jackson is also on the 46.

Zip zero zilch behind Sheets

I had not noticed that Best has been 9-gamed and that Import Taylor is pegged to start at Guard. Something to watch for sure.

Good thing Neufeld is eligible next week. I am actually surprised Watman isn't getting a look at Guard.

If you missed it, Diamond Farris is also on the Roster, not sure why really!!

Games like this scare the hell out of me. They tend to get chippy and you never know when the team that has nothing to lose is going to have a player that decides to add that one more roll on a tackle, that blatant late hit out of nowhere, that spear, etc.

This scares me some. I recall Tyler not being so good in EDM. If the pressure comes through there Darian should start taking the snaps and rolling out to the opposite side.

Sidenote it will be good when Neufield comes back as you put either him or Heenan at G then the other at T.

With the 2nd 40,000+ attended crowd of the year, maybe Saskatchewan should look at a 40,000 seat stadium that’s expandable to 50,000.

A bunch of those seats were sold because it is a Grey Cup year. That's something that happens maybe once a decade on average.

Last quote I read on Saskfans was 45,9000 along with this comment - "Today, Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field will host the 3rd largest city in Saskatchewan." WAY TO ROLL RIDER NATION!

well they better play better than this first half if they wasn't to win anything!!!