Week 10 Unofficial Power Rankings

1. Winnipeg


2. Toronto

First in the East, gutsy road win, and teams in the West faltering. In a league with almost half the league has 4 wins, they have 6. Toronto is in the driver's seat in the East.

3. BC

Coming off a bye hosting Calgary, will go a long way to determine how the west playoffs look and if there's a crossover.

4. Calgary

3/4 and back to back huge wins to save their season. They're right back in the thick of it in the West.

5. Saskatchewan

Back to back huge losses and back to the pack Sask comes. Instead of trying to catch Winnipeg they're now fighting to host a playoff game.

6. Hamilton

Back to back blown leads. What else is there to say? Glimpses of great D, glimpses of a cohesive O, can't put any of it together for 60 mins.

7. Montreal

They would be higher if not for the news on Vernon Adams, it's hard to expect them to contend for the East with Shiltz leading the team, so I had to knock them down a notch or two.

8. Ottawa

Hard to imagine this team not in the basement but they're showing signs of being a professional football team. Caleb Evans has provided a bit of a spark but not enough to change their fortunes in the standings.

9. Edmonton

It appears they're moving on from Trevor Harris, Edmonton was once the model franchise that made these types of bold moves and they usually paid off. This one smells of desperation

The obvious slot for the Argos is 2nd but it seems to be more because of other teams faltering than any perceived greatness of Toronto.

Hamilton beat Toronto quite nicely on Labour Day. Then the Argos won two games that were controversial 1-point squeakers. So are the Argos really that much better?


We're no fun any more. :sob:

Yup. Sucks to be a Bomber fan right now.

Boring lop-sided victories, no QB controversy, no injuries to key players.
No wonder you guys would rather hang out in the Ti-Cat forum.


Suddenly I wish we could suck like the rest of you losers. You don't know how lucky you are to have nothing to cheer for. Excuse me... I have to go to my room and cry myself to sleep. :sneezing_face:

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Turns out WPG's QB is the current ironman among CFL QBs.


I... don't understand our good fortune either. Collaros usually trips over a yard stripe on any other team and misses most of the season. We're in the Twilight Zone here. :thinking:

Let me tell you a story.

Way back in 2007 Winnipeg had these two QBs named Glenn and Dinwiddie. When one day right before the Grey Cup...........


What a lousy bed time story that was. I want a 'happily ever after ending'. You can take your 'die in epic misery ending' and stuff it (thank you very much for trying though). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The difference between 6 and 2 right now is 2 plays.


Sounds an awful like our 2019 season which culminated in a Grey....oh wait, dont look now Winnipeg.

Looking forward to us playing the underdog this go around:)

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I love stories..... please tell me.........

            How does it end?? 🏴‍☠️

Oddly enough, it ends the same way as the 2001 season, which was the last time WPG was so stacked they couldn't possibly lose the Grey Cup.


No..... that one is way different.
Winnipeg only appeared to be good..... you see Winnipeg was in the East. Having a winning record in the East is easy.... Beating the west is tough. :laughing:

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You realize up until this year the teams played the same schedule except for 2 games. And in 2019 Hamilton had a tougher schedule than west winning Sask.

We know that you knew that already though.

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And thus far your Cats have stayed in contention despite all of those injuries to key personnel and brutally awful QB protection. Management still has time to pull a rabbit out of its hat. Maybe all they have to do is add a couple of skyscrapers to your O-Line BEFORE Dane Evans gets back to become 'Beasts in the East' again. :grimacing:

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two missed PATs???

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Anyone who thinks the missed PAT in Toronto kept us from a likely win in OT, has not been watching the way we finish games.


We had no business even being in that spot.

I've been asked........ suggested not to engage, re: YOU and a few others on your friendly non neutral site.
So I will conclude, then say goodbye.


If you want please contact me in a neutral site, I will await and communicate to any comment. Or you can stay in your bubble.
I say this to you respectfully

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