Week 10 Thoughts

All in all I think the team played well, minus a few stupid penalties in first half!

DD played well, started a bit slow, also think with that int. out of the way he will really settle down now!

O-line played well, kept DD safe from the top sack team. O in general played fantastic, Simon, Getz, Smith Even Dressler had good games as did Sheets.

D played great again, and kudo's to Chick 2 sacks the beast is starting to roll !

ST did ok allowed a bit more return this game, but was great to have TJ back there again.

My final thoughts to first half of this season is this, this seems to be the year of rookie QB's and some will go on to be great QB's. I hope Reilly can calm the Stamps this week!!

Also credit goes to our Coaches, Chamberlin, Cortez and yes even Hall, His D has been outstanding this season! :rockin:

Yes... I think a huge credit needs to go to our coaches. I've seen it a thousand times before where you can put together a team with all the talent in the world, and they don't win anything. So kudos to the coaches during the first half of the season to keep these guys focused and grounded. I keep hearing Coach Chamblin preaching 1 and 0 for the week. And that is the perfect message

So hopefully in the last half of the season the highs don't get too high and the lows don't get too low for the Riders. If they remain focused like they did in the first half of the season, we will be hosting a home playoff game for sure

They played a near perfect 2nd half, but the slow starts seem to be a common theme this year, and worry me a bit. Against better teams you will get buries with a slow start like that.