Week 10 predictions

Time to kick off the talk about this weeks action

Friday - Ham @ BC: Should be close, Ham by 3 (a purely unbiased pick of course :wink: )

Sunday - Win @ Sask: No brainer, Sask by 10+

Monday - Edm @ Cal: Edmonton is due to get a win soon, but not in Calgary on Labour Day, Cal by 7

Tuesday - Mon @ Tor: East gets tighter if Montreal takes advantage of the Ricky Ray-less Argos, very unlikely, Tor by 10

I sure am glad we don't have any Tuesday games scheduled, yeesh...... :roll:

Other than your first pick, where you listened to your heart and not your head, I'm thinking you're spot on. The Hamilton-BC game will be close, but BC is a tough team at home. (Maybe we can get DeAndre' Cobb to play that game for us? He always seemed to play well there. :wink: ) And I think the Edmonton-Calgary game will be closer than seven points - maybe three or four - and will come down to the final few plays.

The Lions may be a tough team for other teams......but not the Cats,last four games in B.C. the Cats have come out victorious 3 times out of the last 4 trips there.Our only loss was last year in a squeaker 39-36.Every game was high scoring between the two with an over/under avg. of 67.5 combined.


HAM-37.....B.C-34 one of my favourite games of the year,traditionally high scoring and down to the wire every time.

SASK-48....WP-14 total Blow-out,Greenies roll from the get go,game over at end of 1rst quarter.No contest at all.

EDM-30....CG-28 breaks finally go Esks way,last minute turn-over sets up Edm. for game winning field goal.

TOR-28....ML-24 battle of the back-up quarterbacks,Collaros comes up just a bit better than Marsh in a close one

Ham. 31 - BC 17, We control on Offense, Defense and Special teams, another road win( Hey all our games are on the road!)

Sask. over Wpg- no contest or comment, will be ugly!

Edm.12 - Cgy 28, Edm is due but Calgary is just too good

Tor. 10 - Mtl. 17, Mtl. pressure defense will destroy Collaros

To Be honest BC defense has been the key to their victories .I have watched some of their games and haven't been impressed with them at all .Their offence does not really have alot of good recievers other than andrew harris to me travis lulay reminds me of buck pierce. So if our offence can keep the ball on the field i think we should be able to beat this team

Ham @ B.C. - I am also not all that impressed with B.C's offence
- The defences are equal but B.C has special team advantage. Ham 24 B.C 27

Edm @ Cal - Edmonton 30 Cal 33 another heartbreaker for Esks but they will get their revenge
next week in Edmonton.

Wpg @ Sask - Saskatchewan came out flat against Montreal in their last home game.
They will be ready for BB in front of Labour Day crowd. Sask by 20 points.

Mtl @ Tor - Very interesting battle of the back up QB's. The questions is which one is better.
I think Toronto's is better. Argo's by 10 and possible blow out aided by turnovers.

TSN site has an article where Harris is talking tough saying that whatever the Hamilton defense brings they will have an answer. We'll see if he can back that up with his play. :x

I think Hamilton can win in BC in a squeaker < 7

Saskatchewan's pesky Riders will outgun the "Blue" Bombers and it will likely be embarrassing for the 'Peggers. 20+

Calgary over the Esks - much as I'd like to see the Esks finally get a win after the way they've been playing. <7

Toronto/Montreal - a bit hard IMO to call. I think it could go either way. <7

Hamilton beats BC in Vancouver. Close game. Back and forth. Chess match. Hamilton wins on the road.

Saskatchewan beats Winnipeg. Bombers show signs of life and make it closer than it should but the Riders win in the end. Saskatchewan remains the most over-rated 8-1 team in history.

Edmonton beats Calgary. Emotional let down by the Stamps. Edmonton finally gets a win here.

Montreal beats Toronto. Whether Ray or Cavillo play or don't, Toronto's D gets shown to be their weakness as does their protection against an opportunistic & hungry Alouette team.