Week 10 @ Ottawa

With Getz out they could dress Norzil but they will need a NAT starter, so I think that Watman will start at RT and dress Vonk for the ratio, then dress 8Williams at wideout and move 2Smith inside. Or have a look at Roosevelt, but personally I do like Williams, he's got wheels and good hands.

Did anyone catch who the 2 scratches were last week? Was Allen one? If so he can scratch again. I really dig the Messam/Miller combo. I had to go to a wedding so I missed most of the game. I did notice that Smith had no catches.

What to do with Mertile? As I said I didn't get to see much of the game so I don't like to judge him harshly but he didn't look great on the highlights. Should he go again or should Suber start and Mertile stick to nickel and special teams? Also, Legree didn't practice. He might be fine, but if he doesn't go tomorrow he won't play so they might have to activate Bryan? And if so, who would play safety? MacDougall might be next up there making another NAT starter.

Ottawa likes to play a fair amount of man so perhaps this will make the reads a bit simpler and hopefully reduce the risk of interceptions. Also, McDonald just got released so expect a new guy in the secondary. A mismatch here is a strong possibility. Further to that Pruneau lacks coverage skills at safety. They like to bring him down a fair amount. Although I must say that Pruneau is a much better player than Butler in Ham, more solid in technique and more consistent. Kanneh is their best cover guy, very underrated, but he is physical and a talker. Could get a PI or 2 or maybe an OC out of him, but not sure if I want to throw his way too much because he's good.

Expect pressure up front. I'd like to see Messam/Miller thrown to in the flat a couple of times in the first quarter. Get outside the tackles and force the defense to defend laterally, relieving some of the pressure to open the vertical, or even just to open up the box for the downhill runs.

Defensively that need to get to Hank. The RBs O-line isn't that bad but it's young. They need to get Hank off his game. He's been playing well lately and his receivers are good. It'll be a lot easier to just hurry and hopefully sack Hank than it will be to cover Jackson, Sinopoli, Elligson, Williams etc all at the same time.

Ottawa has probably the worst 'legitimate' run game in the league. Hamilton has fewer yards but they basically throw 90% of the time. Ottawa avidly runs for about 3 yards per carry. However, the Riders can't suddenly let them have a run game. Need to stay gap sound at least in the middle. This makes MacDougall at safety even more tempting as it allows Walker to start at nose.

Riders have a better FG kicker if it comes down to that. If Milo actually goes 5/5 for the first time in his life it better not be this week. In fact with Pfeffer on the roster who can do both duties, not sure why they are keeping Milo.

Riders kick/punt coverage has been pretty solid lately. Here's hoping Chris Williams doesn't get away from them.

Would love to continue to see more takeaways and less penalties.

Milo...well...They have Phieffer now

Mertile will be fighting for a spot all week. It will likely be who shows best in practice...which is pretty bad a couple months into the season. I am hoping Green can rotate in there and LeGree stay at S.

Kankolongo was taking reps at MLB...so they may be looking at more National rotation there I don't imagine there is a pile of flux to the O starters from last week...specifically for WRs....Getz didn't play then either so. We will see...Wilson may be a scratch so they may dress Williams or Roosevelt

All I heard about Pfeffer is that Wilder was moved to PR to make room and no news on Milo so I can only assume that he is still place kicking.

Kankolongo still has a couple of weeks to go on the 6 game. The rules as I know them (unless they have been changed) is that you get one chance to pull a guy off the 6 game early in the first 9 games, 1 chance during the last 9 games and 1 extra at any time. They have already burned 2 chances on Walker and 2Smith so I don’t think Kankolongo would be eligible even if they wanted to, at least until after the Ottawa game (the 9th game) and if so, they would burn their last chance on basically a special teamer. Personally I would save that last chance for a key starter down the road or an extreme emergency situation.

Green could move to corner but is already starting at half so someone else would have to rotate into half.

Forgot that Getz didn’t play last week (@#$% wedding!).

Forgot Kankolongo was 6ed
I don't mind Mertile at CB...probably desrves a second crack, so long as they have something more than Woldu ready to step in if he looks the same as last game. I was thinking more Green at corner and Suber at HB. I don't know how Legree would be at Corner, but he has speed and is at least a little taller...might be something to look at. With the state the Ratio is in it only makes sense to go National at Safety so that there are more options on the DL...but that has been said all year so...yeah. Then again, perhaps MacDougall will rep in there a lot

btw...what makes you think they used an exemption on those guys? You can pull them off at any time now, you simply pay towards the SMS the duration they were on them...so it essentially works like a 1 game IRL if you take them off early. You get the 2 exemptions though, yes...but these are lower end salaries...so it would be foolish. Better to put Getz on it...even if it is only a week or 2, because 1 game salary for him is 3+ for Smith in wages.

Well first I did say, 'unless the rule has changed recently', and I googled to try to find rules for the 6 game and found none. Second, if it does work the way that you describe there would be zero reason for anyone to use the 1 game ever, so we would have 9 really dumb GMs that have all used the 1 game almost every week of the season so far.

Yeah...and Hamilton aside the 6 game has been used a lot more this season because of it. Basically it is:

  • once on they can not practice until after 5 games missed (2 weeks prior to playing)
  • can not attend practice/meetings in the time
  • Don't count against roster spots (no change)
  • if they come off early their salary goes against SMS (essentially treated as 1 game)
  • 2 exemptions per year
  • I believe (can't recall for 100% sure at the moment) that if they stay on the 6 that it is continuous, not fresh. That is to say if they stayed on for 9, they could then come back...BUT...I believe as soon as they practice that earmarks their return (first practice + 2 weeks), so if they stay on it then it would be a fresh 6

Basically the only advantage to 1game is if you are very confident they will be returning in a week or 2 and want them practicing and attending meetings to avoid rust.

ON: 8 Williams*, 82 Roosevelt*, 98 White*
OFF: 27 Suber*, 70 Walker*, 86 Wilson*

I would say Williams sits, and likely Allen

Glad Roosevelt will get some action, hoping Wilson sitting is from a light ding...really think he is a keepr...seems to be able to do it all

Guessing White is in to evaluate his future.

Oh…and Getz is now on the 6game as well as Walker and Suber

The injury's just keep piling up!! many more and our 6 game will be longer than the rooster!!

Hope we win this one!!

Even with all the injuries I would like to think the future is not as bleak as one might think.
Winnipeg is in freefall without Willy. BC looks dysfunctional in just about every aspect.
Smith looks to be coming along in the QB spot. Now, if we can get our defence back on track (give it up Cory) I think we still have a shot for the playoffs.

It has to start with a W over the RB this weekend.

C'mon bad Hank..........throw us a bone.

Rider Pride forever y'all. :rockin: :rockin:

Winnipeg looked not so stellar with Willy, but much better yes. Problem is as bad as these teams are, the Riders have lost 3 games to them...they should have won at least 2 of those. BC is 3 (actually 4) games up on the Riders, and as it stands here and now the East would cross over.

Yes the bombers O line is still having major issues giving protection to the qb. Last night Marve was a human tackling dummy for the Stamps defense . He got hit on more times then a pretty cousin at a hill billy wedding. So I don't know what qb could thrive in that situation. Perhaps if the talk about Jones being cut and signing here we trade Clark to Winnipeg for picks? That of course would be contingent on getting Jones first. Still it would put Jones in his natural spot at center and get us a second round pick if lucky a first. Oh I know the bombers have Picard but the beauty of Clark he can play as guard also or could rotate with Picard in the lineup. It would give the bombers more depth on the O line and get us some higher draft picks that we have squandered over the last couple of years.

Well a great start by our dominant defense. Did someone forget to tell them this isn't practice and you actually get to hit and tackle players?

Sad tackling and coverage...again :frowning:

This is not the start they HAVE to have.

...and let's start by calling long-developing deep plays. Working out pretty well so far :thdn:

It is going to be a long season without a pass defense! Maybe a new coach (that we appear we will to have to wait until next year for!) will do some recruiting too. Pretty obvious problems it appears

Looks like Burris is going throw all day. Need to put him on his backside. What a drive by Ottawa. Second and long conversions, three missed tackles and untouched into the end zone. This is going to be an ugly day. :roll:

So Chamblin sacks Richie Hall because he wants to run a more aggressive defence.

And Ottawa leads 14-0 about half way through the first quarter.

This one's going to get ugly.

At least Rider fans have two wins coming up to look forward to. . .