Week 10 - LDC...Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan

Bombers head coach Mike O’Shea said he’s not paying much attention to whether Durant or backup Tino Sunseri will run the Riders offence.

“I’m not sure it matters to me,? O’Shea said. “I think Saskatchewan, if they bring in another quarterback, they’re running virtually the same package.?


Both Mathias Goossen and Paddy Neufeld sat out offensive line drills as the Bombers returned to practice, Wednesday, while centre Steve Morley tweaked a shoulder injury and left early.

On defence, end Jason Vega and linebacker E.J. Kuale, who missed the last game, along with linebacker Johnny Sears, who’s missed five, practised.

But O’Shea would only commit to playing Kuale.

“We have a lot of guys that can play football that are standing on the sidelines waiting their turn,? O’Shea said. “And being professional about it.?

The West has been so close and each week has had playoff intensity in West vs. West matchups. And the Riders now have some key injuries as well. Both McHenry and Regimbald have been placed on the 6 game injured list, so out National depth is becoming less.

Does anyone know the status on Neal Hughes? With McHenry out, it would nice to Hughes back! Also, if rots are true and Dressler is available for the LDC on Sunday, who do the Riders sit?

Not sure about Hughes, but he is 6 gamed and only a few into it. So is Moore. So is McHenry...YIKEs...how often do you see 3 FBs on there!

Allen could sit if Messam is good to go....but unlikely as they would be down to 2 backs! Hell...they might need to dress Toston, and Ratio could be a real issue!!

Swain or Ryan Smith likely sit.

Could the LDC this weekend be battle of the injured hand Quarterbacks?

[url=http://m.winnipegsun.com/2014/08/28/drew-willy-injures-throwing-hand-in-practice]http://m.winnipegsun.com/2014/08/28/dre ... n-practice[/url]

O'Shea reported to TSN that he talked to Willy after practice and the QB stated that he will be good to go Sunday. However, if both QB's start ineffective, the teams may be forced to make a change. This is a huge 2 points in the standings not to mention a win for Riders allows them to clinch the season series.

I can't wait for Sunday. Unfortunately family commitments will only allow me to the listen to the broadcast on the radio... No TV at the Lake!

Go Riders!

Might have to sign Szarka for one game!!! I'm sure he would be up for the Labor Day Classic! Lol

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/08/28/drew-willy-injures-throwing-hand-in-practice]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/08/28/d ... n-practice[/url]

Willy hurt??

“I wish I was that polite,? O’Shea joked. “It’s practice and things happen in practice. I don’t wish that it happened and I’m glad he’s feeling better and will be fine. There was a moment there where you assess the situation and kind of went through my head what we would normally do. I don’t usually differentiate between quarterbacks and everybody else, but I realized in this position I would probably have to.

“So I wandered over, I took a look. The finger was still attached, so …?

mike o'shea on the situation

I like this guy more every day lol

So what are the keys to beating WPG? Last game in Week 7, no offensive touchdowns and Milo kicks 3 for 5 on field goals. We know Etcheverry runs a crazy style defence with different formations and schemes to confuse QB's, and it worked on Durant. Only 115 yards passing. The two keys to beating WPG last game was pounding Messam through the middle in the second half, and not one, but TWO defensive touchdowns.... We all know that 2 defensive touchdowns does not happen every week in the CFL.

I think defensively, the Bombers will gameplan heavily to try stop the run of the Riders.. If Durant's hand is not 100% and it affects his ability to throw the deep ball, do the Winnipeg DB's cheat a bit to help plug things up more? Or do the Riders counter with Sunseri, who showed us last week that a deep threat can stretch defenses out? It has been written in this forum that the Riders and Cortez does not address the blitz very well... And no deep threat doesn't help that aspect either...

IMO, the Riders are going to need quick hitters, and hitch screens to the wide sides of the field to get the WPG Defence spread out. Use Ford's speed to run outside, use Allen or Messam (or both) to run up the gut. And maybe run some double back sets with both those guys to keep the defence guessing as to who may get the ball. Maybe with all the injuries at FB, Messam or Allen could get used as an FB? Maybe, just maybe, they could do a nice little end around play to that newly signed SB wearing #7. A successful end around play could also open up a trick play with a reverse to catch the defence going the wrong way - start the end around one direction and do a double hand off... I'm not an offensive genius by all means, but I think the key is to get the WPG defence spread out. Then the middle can be opened up and attacked..,

The Other key will be for the Riders to finish off drives.. Over the last few weeks, they seem to move the ball decently downfield at key points in the game, but fail to punch it in. If they are going to continue to have success and take the next step towards becoming a Championship Team, the offence has to start scoring more than 2 Touchdowns in 50+ possessions

On teams, I think with some of the injuries to teams players, they will need Bartel to angle punt toward sidelines to help cover teams limit the damage on kick returns

Defensively, they need to keep doing what they are doing! And contain Grigsby. If they can make Willy one dimensional with pass only (like they did in WPG) they increase their odds of success.

Lastly, if the Riders can get a fast start to get the Labor Day crowd going, it could be a long day for Willy. If you can get him trying to force the ball downfield, he will likely make mistakes as he did last game.

Once again, I will make no predictions. Since I have stopped making predictions, the Riders are 5 wins and 0 losses! So I'm not about to jinx that streak!

Go Riders!

Basically agree with above. This part

IMO, the Riders are going to need quick hitters, and hitch screens to the wide sides of the field to get the WPG Defence spread out. Use Ford's speed to run outside, use Allen or Messam (or both) to run up the gut.
Has basically been their MO, expect Allen is better at edges than Ford...I said the same thing as above for the last game, but flipped as I mentioned, and it is pretty much what they did. I see no reason to change that attack. I would however expect we will see some Messam.

The bombers give up the 2nd most first downs, but are middle of the pack for total yards against, middle to upper in pass yards against, but low end for run defense per game…what does this equate to…run run run.

The Bombers have also given up the most sacks, while the Riders have the most. On paper, the Riders should get 4-5 sacks vs taking 2-3.

However you shake it is this though…
the Bombers score 25.5 ppg and surrender 24.1
The Riders score 24.1 ppg and surrender 18.9
if these teams play their average game each, the Riders SHOULD win by 1 major…everything looks pretty on paper though

Do you guys ever remember a LDC game where there hasn't been wild speculation and conjecture because both teams are feeding the press a bunch of "questionable to play on Sunday" statements? I think the pre-game disinformation has become just as much a part of LDC as the game itself.

I have always taken the attitude that in any given game the best starters will play unless there is something glaringly obvious that says otherwise...like if one of the teals declared their QB had a broken hand or something. Always been my view..."you're hurt? Don't see ya on the IRL so you are sore, not hurt"

Hi all!

Just had a quick question. Is it possible to bring a backpack or a cooler bag in the stadium on Sunday? I'm planning on going to Wayne's world to drink lots of beer with all of you so I wanna know what I can do with a cooler bag afterwards. Would rather not leave it as it is fairly new.

Can't wait for this weekend! Coming down with a bus full tomorrow. It's always fun talking football with rider fans and to see how great the fans really are.


Shouldn't be a problem, but they will search it thoroughly.


They say "coolers" but I think they mean like the large rigid types...i've seen small soft coolers lots. You could always phone tomorrow to make sure.
Phone: 1-888-4-RIDERS (1-888-474-3377)
Direct: (306) 569-2323

All patrons, staff and volunteers may be subject to a search of personal belongings. Anyone refusing a search may face eviction from Mosaic Stadium and may be refused re-entry.

Prohibited items:
· Alcohol
· Non-prescription drugs
· Coolers
· Large backpacks, duffel bags or containers
· Rods, dowels, hockey sticks
· Weapons of any sort
· Artificial noise makers
· Whistles
· Laser Pointers/Pens
· Air Horns

CONFISCATED LIQUOR - As per SLGA licensing, it is illegal on Mosaic Stadium property to have in your possession liquor that is not purchased at the stadium. Any patron found to be in possession of liquor not purchased at Mosaic Stadium will have that liquor confiscated and will be denied entry into the stadium and the confiscated liquor will not be returned. Any patron who does not cooperate with security in regards to this offence will be turned over to the Regina Police Service for removal from the stadium and further prosecution

*Unopened single serving containers of non-alcoholic water, pop and juices are allowed.

Chart up:
Best is 6 gamed…so that is basically a season worth of football he has missed in 2 years. Clark will start at RG, Vonk listed behind him

Dressler is on the 46, assume he will be on the 44…listed behind Getz…Ryan Smith and Swain on there as well…I am thinking R Smith will learn lots fast from Dressler.

Ford Allen at RB, Messam at FB…the new guy not making the 46…Special Teams will have even more new faces…will be interested to see if they are still hurting in coverage

D looks the same, except of course Kevin Régimbald is out and Hurl is in, behind Kilgore…he’s gotta be cussing a bit, but I am sure he will see action.

Tristan Jackson is in and returning despite some concern hi might be dinged…Dressler is listed as #2 returner behind him…not sure how I feel about that.

So who sits? I think Vonk and R Smith.

I just noticed that in 3 games against the West, the Bombers have only 148 total rushing yards.

Chris Best on the 6 game concerns me... Not that Clark can't step in and perform, but I think the Riders are one Canadian OLine injury away from depth problems and ratio issues. When you have Hughes, McHenry, Regimbald and Spencer all hurt, and only Watman on the OLine with National status remaining, there would be some ratio shuffling. The Riders are lucky to have Hurl back, and I believe he will be used throughout the game for ratio purposes and the fact that he was playing well up until his injury. I read in a post or heard in an interview that it was Best's arm that was hurt... Does anyone know what the actual diagnosis is? Is there a break or something torn, or is he on six game to save some salary? I'm not sure the whole SMS rules behind those moves....

As far as Dressler on the return squad, I am OK with it. In interviews this week, both he and the coaching staff have made statements that there will be an adjustment period to get into "CFL" shape, so I think a role on special teams is perfect. And he has such sure hands so I don't think he is a big liability to turn the ball over on a fumble or drop. And I think he may share duties with Swain and Smith in the SB position. With the bigger field, and not much game action with Kansas City, I doubt he is 100% ready for the physical contact the game will bring

Well another squeaker but at least the offense did get rolling. Durant's hand didn't really seem to be a big issue at least it wasn't super obvious I didn't think. He had a couple of bad throws which isn't nothing unusual to be honest but the one to Taj was bang on when it counted. Good to have Dressler in and if there was any doubt whether he would make a difference I think everyone and their dog has the answer to that now. Get a new contract in front of him the second the season is over.

O line was pretty good considering missing Best who I was afraid would be a big factor. Yes Winnipeg got to Durant but not nearly as often as I thought they would. All in all a nice change to see the offense actually show they can put points on the board.
Defense was a little weaker in this one but still did the job. 3 sacks I think and Foley was amped in this one.

Now the for the bad. SPECIAL TEAMS what is going on with the cover team or is it in fact our punter that is to blame? Bartel and that running around crap before kicking just about cost them this one. All right once in a game fine it gets the other team thinking but to get one blocked because of it is not going to fly. How about concentrating on getting the ball to the sidelines to contain the returner instead? think someone needs to sit him down and have a chat about it.

Still a good win in a hard fought very close game. Now can they go back to Winnipeg and do the clean sweep? That will not be easy for sure. Still if they play better in a few areas they can do it. Have to impressed with the no turnover in how many games now? Whatever it is impressive and obviously Cory's message about not turning the ball over has sunk in and it has been successful.

Another fugly win, but it was a win! The O placed much better, and give Dressler a few weeks and he will be back in form. Messim is really starting to be the run guy in IMO. Not a bad showing for the offence. Allens TD was well earned by him, and T Smith made good after a few bad dropped balls.

The D played good but not as good as most games, but got the job done, Foley had a great game! I am still pleased that they called T Jackson back last year, always loved his play.

Now the down side as said above, our Special teams need a lot of work, can't have kicks or punts returned like that for TD's I give them a D-. Bartel needs to just kick the damn ball, and Milo needs to find the inside of the posts. Yes it was a ways out, but he has made those in the past.

All in all it was a good game and a nail biter for sure, Next week will be a good challenge again, can't wait!!

If Bartel is running around without a green light from Chamblin and Dyce I'll eat his jock strap. What I mean by that is the coaching staff want him to run around. It's obviously part of the plan. I thought he did a great job today, one of those punts was with the LEFT foot, wow! The punt block was missed assignments up front. The guy who blocked it ran right past Allen and also I think it was Tristan Black (IIR). TWO Riders missed the same dude. That was the biggest gaff of the whole game.

I think the coaching staff may have told him to have a look and if it's there fine but I can't see them saying to do it two and three times a game. Last year our punt coverage was very very good. This year they have had a couple of returns against for td's on special teams. That is not acceptable. There is no way you can focus on where you are punting to if your running around like that. I would rather see him concentrate on getting the ball between the hash marks and the sideline pinning the returner into a tighter area. If they don't correct this issue and right now it will cost them a game. Personally think once in a couple of games doing it is more then enough with this running around crap it still keeps it in teams minds but to do it this often quite frankly looks a bit like show boating "look at me run and kick at the same time" KNOCK IT OFF ALL READY. Bartel got whacked and honestly I don't feel a damn bit sorry for him. Yes there may have been a missed block but he had plenty of time when he got the snap to punt it right away instead he pulled it and got in trouble. If he costs the game because of this garbage send him packing. So far I am not a fan of him or his kicking. Yes for god sakes someone please point out to Milo there isn't any extra point for just skimming one in past the post for god sake someone needs to readjust his sights.