Week 10(- Labour Day) TV: Averages 737,500 Per Game

Last week numbers are in but sadly without the most important and surely expected huge Labour day numbers and especially as both were great games.
The problem with the Nielsen rating system the week is classified from Monday to Sunday.
However if anyone has heard the figures maybe insider information please advise.
The two current games when compared to last weeks two games only saw a whopping increase of 176,000 average.

Friday: BC-Tor - 653,000 By comparison the Tor - NY MLB game won the night at 748,000 one of a very few victories.
Sunday: Win - Sask -822,000 Smoked the competition by nearly 350K- Tor - NY @ 484,000

Average: 737,500

These numbers are down from last year... All numbers are down from last year...
Lets face facts, not many games have been overly exciting... For instince, Buck Pierce did not attempt any passes between 10 and 30 yards last Sunday

It's not only CFL numbers, down by the way at around 150,000, all other sports are down as well to include the NHL.
I don't believe it is anything more then a trend.

And to repeat MLB in all liklihood will not be adding a team in Canada for quite a while from what I can see so while numbers for baseball here and there in Canada will be strong, it's not doing anything to add more teams which I do think is important from a perspective of building stadiums, while the CFL is working on adding some more teams and therefore more stadiums and upgraded stadiums to be built and a more inclusive Grey Cup. More a qualitative real aspect to the CFL in Canada while MLB (other leagues as well) remains largely virtual and what people wear or cooler talk etc but it's on a TV or computer screen, hollowlike if you will compared to being able to wake up in the morning in your city/area in Canada where you live and actually attending a game live, spending money in your city/region at the game etc. Nothing beats that, surely not TV or a computer, for me.

Basically what I'm saying is I get more of a thrill from the heart to see say a team added in Ottawa or Moncton and some 20,000 or more people attending games while MLB or whatever league might beat the CFL in numbers in neon. Reminds me of Arcade Fire's 2nd album Neon Bible. Very underrated album IMHO. :wink:

The TV numbers aren’t that bad.
Considering too Friday was the pitiful Argos playing.
I’d bet you most of the viewrship came from BC.

But the MOnday games will have done much better.
I predict Als-Hamilton with RDS included will approach 900,000 to one million.
Same with Edmonton Calgary.

I think you are right benji, as generally both LD games are around 1M.

If I recall correctly, last year's Argos@TiCats game was just over 900,000. Given that Hamilton didn't host the Argos this year, which resulted in reduced ticket sales, and numbers have been down overall, I'm expecting smaller numbers than that this year.

Don't forget ARgoT the Friday game with BC started at 4PM in BC.
That can't help BC viewership.

The CFL should have scheduled the Argos for Sunday after the Lions Bombers game.
Imagine the numbers then?
TsN instead showed some Nascar race that probably does half the numbers of the CFL.

Then again if the CFL could control things better, the ARgos would have been playing the Ticats on Monday afternoon.
Not BC on a Friday night!

I think a big reason that Numbers are down across the board is that this has been the nicest summer for a while. People are outside, at the lake, park, gardening, etc., instead of staying inside and watching football, or any TV for that matter. It's a good thing really. When it gets colder the numbers will go back up.

Benji, For the Argos and the league the scheduling problem is all Rogers fault.
That's why the traditional LD game in Hamilton did not occur.
Rogers was unable to give the Argos sufficient number of early home games and you will recall that's why the team played the first three on the road.
Had they played in Hamilton, the league said it would create an competative imbalance!
As for the Friday night versus Sunday, again Rogers put the screws to the Argos as the BJ played Monday at home and there is "insufficient time" to convert the done.
Man if there is ever any reason to get out of this crap dome and have their own stadium.

Man if there is ever any reason to get out of this crap dome and have their own stadium.

Very true AT although I think the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Good point, and this is the exact reason why the CFL will NEVER move its season up a month to play the Grey Cup in end of October.

TV numbers will be good in the second half of the season. I think we should wait at least until the offseason before proclaiming that their is a big issue with ratings being down.

The two guys who really screwed things up was Cynnamon and his pal.
They had a chance to build a stadium, or move into that BMO field.
Instead they got suckered by Rogers into staying at the Skydome.
Now Rogers is doing their best to screw the Argos.
And the Argos have no where else to go.

Just as an aside.
The mighty Blue Jays drew a whopping 13.000 last night.
They're near the bottom in attendance, and last in percentage of seats sold.
Maybe the Jays should be looking to play at BMO field as well?

Cynamon and Sokie never intended to build a stadium. It was a ruse to get cheaper rent from the Dome.

And it worked. :thup:

Must be nice. We're setting rain records here in the maritimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally. Rogers will take every last dime they can take while "persuing" their dream of bringing the NFL to Toronto to make them look "world class", or whatever they call this. In the meantime they are counting their pennies towards their losses they are taking at the Bills experimental thingy in Toronto. Cheapie company.

I am not so sure.
Cynamon has said many times they got sandbagged by the trio of MLSE, Soccer Cananda and City of Toronto.
After they did all of the ground work at two different sites and spent thousands of dollars on planning.