Week 1

So after week 1 and all four games have been played, we can see that it is not just the Tiger-Cats that didn't live up to expectations this week with starting the season off with a win.

There is no need to be jumping off the boat and trashing the team with all the negative comments that have been made on these forums or at Ivor Wynne on Friday. Yes, Glenn didn't have a career day, nor did the receivers, etc - but it happens to the best, and this was shown across the league with MVP Burris losing and not playing to his potential, and the Roughriders (2 straight GC appearance's) losing to the worse team from a year ago in a dominating performance by the Eskimos.

So people, its only week 1 - there wasn't any game film to properly prepare for the opposing team, and we should keep it positive and continue to come out and support our Tiger-Cats. Stop bashing Glenn, Coach B, and the rest of the team - let them continue to gel and let the season unfold. Because were not the only team that didn't show up, but are going to turn it around!

Go Cats Go!

:thup: Perfectly said. I'm sure the Chicken Littles (shout out to CatsFaninOttawa for that one) will be in here in no time to try and bring everyone down, but having a little perspective goes a long way. Hopefully others will learn from your attitude. However, I doubt it.

I'm not worried. Teams play poorly from time to time. I have no doubt that the Tabbies will head to Edmonton next week and pound the Eskimos. Edmonton isn't as good as they looked tonight and Hamilton isn't as bad as they looked on Friday.



They should not look past Edmonton it there home opener and they play well there

:roll: Who says they're looking past Edmonton? Chicken Little strikes again.

Hey, you think our fans are ticked off after losing to the lowly Bombers at home. How do you think Riders fans feel today after losing to the lowly Esks at home.

Certainly a lot of unpredictable results in week 1. It's pretty common for the offense to take a little bit more time to get things going. At least we didn't get blown out like the Riders. Our game was winnable into the fourth quarter, and while there were a number of mistakes made, it was just a couple of them that made the difference.

I have always felt it would be better to have a third pre-season game with the final roster. I'm not just saying this because we lost our first game, but because it would give teams more time to evaluate in the first two games, and more time to get the final roster ready for the season. This would also give each team a chance to play each team from their division prior to the regular season.


Come on...be a sport!!!! If there wasn't some panic...then this forum would be no fun at all!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see the entire game yesterday. But, from what I observed, beating Edmonton will not be that easy or predictable. Kevin and his offence buddies better show up for this one!!! Yes, I'm providing my own share of concern (please note, I didn't use the "p" word).