Week 1 vs Toronto Prediction

Hey all, Hamilton enters Toronto in Week 1 as 4.5 point underdogs.

Do you guys think Hamilton can win or lose by less than 4.5 to cover the spread? Why or why not?

i expect a very good game -win or lose- which sets the tone for the rest of the season.

My only worry Cat-wise is that they have a false sense of how easy it is to win - after bombing the bummers last week. As a team, with a lot of newer players, this, I think, is a trap they can fall into. If they don't have this reaction, I fully expect a victory against the blew team.


I'm looking forward to the game. I want to see just how improved our defense is. Toronto has a fairly basic offense with Ray, not a lot of fancy plays or surprises. I like the combination of pressure and ball hawking I've seen this far under coach O and I'm looking forward to the challenge and what it holds for us.

I think offensively we will do just fine against the Argo's.

For me special teams and defense is where we will win this game.

The offence looks to be as good as last year's - only changes: one receiver, one OL, FB - and special teams looks like it'll be close to what it was last year. On defence, I like the changes at DL and LB. My only concern is that the aggressiveness we saw from the DBs during pre-season came from players now on the PR, not the backs we have on the 46. And many of our DBs were with us last year. Is the coaching change really going to make them better? I hope so, but not sold yet.

Hamilton is a much better prepared team all around this season. A key for Hamilton this year on offense will be the use of delahunt in TE packages this however will not be a factor to the Argos and DC chris Jones who saw this a lot playing Montreal with Lavoi but for everyone it will be trouble.
As for the Hamiton's defence Coach O knows how to defend that Toronto offense going against it in parctice each day as the Argos DB coach and then seeing it vs Montreal.
Two teams solid coaching staffs with well prepared teams for me an equal battle.

I am hoping for a close offensive game, coming down to the last couple minutes. I'd love it to be really exciting and come away with a good win for the start of the season.

I really hope that Burris can come close, probably not match, last season. I really want to see Gigeure involved more as well.

TO by a fieldgoal. The Argos will be playing with wholesale changes to their D. Their offence will win the game for them but it'll be close.

An Argo-Cat fan

Looking forward to a great game, I'm super excited the season is starting, nothing like CFL football especially watching our Cats and Argos going at it! :thup:

I think we'll take a nailbiter and win by a FG or TD.

27 to 10 for the Cats.

It's Week 1, we don't know if the Defense has improved since last year. Ricky Ray could pick apart the secondary and that Argo running game could run roughshod over that inexperienced D line.

We won't have CW there to save our bacon with one of his long spectacular catches or an exciting punt return or wide FG to give instant field position and allow the Offense to get back into the game.
It will be the "same old" and all those that said "CW who"? will be wishing and hoping that he would come back.

Ti-Cat fans won't like it.

If they can stop or contain Owens and Kackert, we may have a good game. I think we have to come out of the gate fast and with authority and show the entire league we're a different force than last season. My only real concern is new players, new coaches, may take time to gel.

I think this game comes down to one score, either way. It will come down to a Field Goal or a Touchdown.

As far as who wins? The edge regrettably goes to Toronto as they have a lot more experience on the defensive end of the ball and Ricky "Totally Legit Trade" Ray is still one of the CFL's most dominant QBs.

I predict PAIN! The Argos will be vanquished.

Pat Lynch(the old guy) :smiley:

No comment!

Tough game to predict with all the new coaches and schemes in Hamilton.

I can't see the tabbie defense being any worse than last year (is that even possible) but I also have a hard time envisioning a brand new defense being very effective against a well oiled Argo O featuring Ray, Kackert and Owens.

No predictions yet in a "prediction thread"? :roll:

OK...I'll go first...

Ticats 35

Argos 32

Based on video clips I've seen on this website (media scrums), I get the impression from Austin that he is a 1OOO% improvement over Cortez as a head coach. He is a very intelligent man who stresses team unity, leadership, and a sound game plan which puts players in positions to make plays. So I think the Ticats will be very well prepared to succeed this season. I also get the same impression in relation to Steinauer...a big improvement over Creehan. I think Toronto has undergone a lot of change on D, and may also be taking Hamilton lightly in this one. Look for Gable to have a big game...Austin loves this kid, and will really put him to work all over the field. Hamilton 38, Toronto 25.


"There's always one in the crowd..." :lol: :lol: :lol: