Week 1 TV; League Average at 695K Plus RDS

Here are the numbers for the first week and we averaged 695.250, but if you throw in the usual RDS numbers at around 200-250K, these figures go up.

Sask @ Ham - 806,000
Winnipeg @ BC - 851,000
Tor @ Edm - 605,000
Cal @ MTL - 519,000

Meanwhile, the dark side Blue Jays also had a good head to head as the split was 2-2.

not too bad

Thank you for the information.

Positive results.


I'm surprised the late BC game drew a bigger audience than the watermelon brains.

None of those numbers include RDS, so they would be a lot higher !! :thup:

Pretty solid numbers for Week 1. :thup:

As far as I know RDS only showed the Als game last week, average viewership for Als games on RDS is 250 000 during the regular season. So Nationaly the average for the week is around 757 000 viewers.

Saskatchewan at Hamiton and Winnipeg at BC were shown on RDS 2. Probably not a major impact on numbers.


Yeah no kidding! How did that happen? I notice the interest went down even on here amongst the diehards that we are.

I never would have imagined that the late BC game would have the highest ratings of all games, but hey maybe there were more fans out west who tuned in than there were fans out east who tuned out after the first game.

Too bad that some are now considering this 'positive' when 2 years ago some games would get 1million+...

I personally see this as 'negative' and although I dont have #'s feel that it is even lower then last years start...

The Sask vs Edm game on 10/19 2011, drew 1,005,000 viewers.

Last years opening weekend ratings:
6/30 2011 Thur. Mon/B.C. - 715,000
7/1 2011 Fri. Tor/Mont - 525,000
7/3 2011 Sun. Edm/Sask -749,000
(4th game's ratings unavailable)

2011 Opening Weekend Average = 663,000
2012 Opening Weekend Average = 695,000

(not including RDS/RDS2 ratings)

From 2010.

Alouettes at Roughriders, 1,060,000
Lions at Eskimos, 921,000
Tiger-Cats at Blue Bombers, 882,000
Argonauts at Stampeders, 658,000

Average: 880,250.

TSN numbers only, as far as I know.

funny how the grey cup rematch in week 1 is always the most watched game. wonder why that is? oh snap, i answered my own question.

Thanks for posting this. :thup:

However , the last time that I checked QUEBEC , was still a part of Canada. :wink:

So the RDS figures do count towards the totals or am I missing some thing here? :?

Apples and oranges. Ratings system was changed in 2011

Pretty sure the Riders vs Esks game will be #1 this week...

Again? They started using the BBM PPM system in September of 2009, making. Now apparently they changed it for 2011? So then there's really no conclusions that we can draw about TV audience from year to year. Last year would have been the first year under the new system, then, so the apparent ratings drop that we've all been getting worked up about is a result of a new system, not a decline in interest.

How are we supposed to make comparisons from year to year when they keep changing the ratings system?

The industry mostly uses those to compare itself to its competitors and other properties in the same time slots as well delivery has changed with mobile, streaming, pvr. on demand, multiple tv’s in households growing… Fact remains there is no sports property in Canada that will attract 80 million viewers in the summer months. The olympics every four years are in a class of their own but look at the cost… CTV paid 153 million dollars for Vancouver/London TV rights and are going to lose money on it. The only offer for Sochi/Rio so far is 40 million dollars and no bidders are willing to up the ante…

There is a shift in what Canadian broadcasters are willing to pay for rights. Its a new economy.

it amazes me that with the way 'most' cable companies are set up now that they need to conduct sampling at all. Heck, they should not only be able to tell how many TVs were watching much, but how often they changed channel during commercial breaks.

At any rate, really good numbers

In comparison...

  • the Stanley Cup final had a average viewership in the US (10x the market size) of just over 2.4mil average.
  • i have heard, but not seen hard numbers, that the Jays average about 600K per game, which is apparently dramatically up (like 50%) this year. They also have one of the best viewerships in MLB right now

these are great numbers for the CFL, and TSN

You might increase the precision of the results that way, but you'd also probably decrease the accuracy, because you'd only know how many TVs were on, but not how many people are watching.