Week 1: Saskatchewan Roughriders (6-12) at Edmonton Elks (4-14)

Lining up to get called to work between 10pm and 1am tonight, so going to bed in a couple of hrs. Will have to PVR and watch my first gane of the season when I get home on Wednesday.

I guess it would be a bit much to ask that nobody talk about the game, lol, so I’m signing off til Wed morning. Good luck, Riders, though I suspect the Elk have improved more than we have and will get their home win tonight.

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Accu-Window weather says smoke but not as thick as this morning. We have 20k of wind which is helping keep it clearer.
Hope its still on…

Wayne Gretzky looking south…


what? How dare they schedule a game at same time as USFL game.



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The USFL is still playing?

Looking forward to the higher quality football game.

I thought this was the hardest of the 4 games this weekend to pick.

It’s sure different having a Sunday night game. I think I can get used to that.


Should be good… looks like we may have a shower here at some point but that will do good knocking down the smoke.


Always hard to tell at Commonwealth but it looks like a decent crowd. I guess the guaranteed win promotion has had an effect.

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Thought that could have been a penalty on the head shot against a defenceless Lewis. I’ve seen less called.

I used to go to games and was always low on my guess on attendance.

Edmonton’s defence looks pumped.

Really ? Defender was playing the ball and not going for a tackle……

No doubt but he still hit him helmet to helmet.

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At what point did the receiver become the defende and then either or both could be called I’m that case

I didn’t think he became the defender at all on that play.

Dumb penalty #1. Late hit OB.

Seems like a lot of dumb penalties in Week 1.

I was concerned about the secondary- rookies make mistakes…

In any event it wasn’t a head shot by any stretch

It was helmet to helmet contact and no one on the elks challenged or complained. I think they saw it as incidental and the rider defender was attempting to play the ball and not tackle so my guess is that’s the reason it wasn’t called

I clarified my comment because I meant the late hit.

But you’re right. Two DPI against Edmonton already and 52 yards in penalties in the first 5 minutes. Down 7-0 is the result.

They have also nearly got to Harris twice so far …….

You’re probably right. I was just working on the premise that as a defender you are still responsible if you hit someone helmet to helmet. Sort of like hockey and a high stick, even if it wasn’t intentional as it didn’t appear to be here.

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