Week 1: Saskatchewan Roughriders (6-12) at Edmonton Elks (4-14)

Monday Night Football is a thing for this season, at least early on.

Both teams looking to make big improvements over last year.

Power Rankings

6. Saskatchewan Roughriders

2022 record: 6-12, missed playoffs

Next game: At Edmonton, June 11

A powerful looking defence, with special teams anchored by exceptional players, in Mario Alford and Brett Lauther, the story of the 2023 Saskatchewan Roughriders will come down to one thing: can new QB Trevor Harris be adequately protected? The preseason gave a peephole-sized look at the possibilities. We’ll start to get some real answers this week in Edmonton.

8. Edmonton Elks

2022 record: 4-14, missed playoffs

Next game: Vs. Saskatchewan, June 11

The Elks had something of an advantage in getting their preseason games out of the way in the first two weeks. They made the bulk of their cuts more than a week ago and will have used that time with their full roster to begin to prep for their opener against the Riders. A win at home in Week 1 would let them get past a big roadblock and would do its part in pushing them further up these rankings.

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I have a feeling that after this game Edmonton shows the league that they are a force to be feared this season.

Not to take anything away from the Riders. If this game goes down the way I think it might, they turn themselves into angry brutes for the rest of the season.


I’m going with the hometown. They had a week of preseason one a days to start prepping for this match up before regular practice starts this week.

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The Riders, I think Trevor Harris will be too much for that Elks defense.

I remember Harris - I think it was 2-11 that season he was traded to Montreal, where they went 9-9 last season.
2 other tidbits - he has never had a season without a losing streak, (last year it was losing 6 of 8 to start the season) and he has a total of one playoff victory in his 11 year career, an Eastern semi final as the crossover team, the year he led Edmonton to an 8-10 record.

Dat Gainer has a 357 magnum under the pillow.

3DN Power Rankings:

Photo courtesy: Electric Umbrella/Liam Richards/Saskatchewan Roughriders

6) Saskatchewan Roughriders (6)

Take it from quarterback Trevor Harris, the Riders’ undefeated preseason doesn’t mean a thing. That’s not to say the team didn’t check a few boxes, however, as Harris lived up to the billing in his debut and new offensive coordinator Kelly Jeffrey’s offence looked promising. Both will have to deliver if the current regime of head coach Craig Dickenson and general manager Jeremy O’Day are to have their expiring contracts renewed.

Photo: Larry MacDougal/3DownNation. All rights reserved.

8) Edmonton Elks (8)

It appears that no amount of spending on receivers will convince our writers of an Elks’ resurgence, at least not until they win a home game. After wrapping up their preseason over a week ago, Edmonton still has quite a few question marks including their kicking game and has taken care not to get caught looking ahead.

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OK, color me wrong… I thought they may be prepping for game 1 but I guess they had a list of things to work on in training camp and stuck to it. I guess camp is short enough as it is to go rushing through and not laying the groundwork for the whole season

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Was that the same win he had when he went 29 for 32 - 367 yards - 6 TD throws and took Ottawa to the G.C. game?


Ahh…2018, you are correct. They beat Hamilton and lost to Calgary in Edmonton.

Then he has two - one for the Elks as well against Montreal in 2019. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Then managed 1 touchdown the next week in the Final in Hamilton.



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Player Name Position Injury WED THU FRI Game Status
Kian Schaffer-Baker WR Hip DNP
Godfrey Onyeka DB Chest DNP
Kaare Vedvik P Hip DNP
Brayden Lenius WR Lower Back DNP
Philip Blake OL Chest DNP
Colin Kelly OL Illness DNP
Juwan Brescacin WR Shoulder Limited
Derrick Moncrief LB Shoulder Limited
Shea Patterson QB Ankle Limited


Player Name Position Injury WED THU FRI Game Status
Wesly Appolon LB Knee DNP
Marloshawn Franklin Jr. DB Head DNP
Aaron Grymes DB Knee DNP
Eli Mencer LB Shoulder DNP
Samuel Thomassin OL Calf DNP
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To me, the fact that ODay has kept 4 quarterbacks indicates he may have doubts about the OLine and is preparing for injuries to his pivots.


Could also be to trade a few QBs for upgrades elsewhere.

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But it could just as well be a bonehead move too🤔
900 less players to pick from as the USFL and XFL have that big of player rosters … Some teams gonna have to go without upgrades I fear

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Player Name Position Injury Day 1 – Wed Day 2 – Thurs Day 3 – Fri Game Status
Appolon, Wesly LB Knee DNP DNP DNP OUT
Franklin Jr., Marloshawn DB Hand DNP DNP DNP OUT
Grymes, Aaron DB Knee DNP DNP DNP OUT
Mencer, Eli LB Shoulder DNP DNP DNP OUT
Thomassin, Samuel OL Calf DNP DNP DNP OUT
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